Do you like Italian?

I know, your thinking, "Italian what? Italian men? Italian food? Italian wine? The Italian language?" and your probably thinking yes to all of those questions. 
But what I'm asking is,
"Do you like Italian food?"
I know, who doesn't. Right?

I just found this post from Zachary's Birthday last year that for some reason was never published. I will say, rereading this post made me really hungry! Specifically, the dessert and wine posted below made me hungry! We have yet to go back to this restaurant! But now, I am thinking, we must.

So, without further ado, I give you Napoli's Italian Restaurant!
Our first night in Qingdao, we got dressed up, and headed to Napoli’s, a highly recommended Italian restaurant on Tripadvisor. It is conveniently located on the main road, Xiang gang West Lu, across from the Haitian hotel, which is on most Qingdao tourist maps.
We loved the atmosphere and feel of Napoli’s. It’s quiet and quaint with great pictures on the wall and d├ęcor.
{Don't we look much thinner now? ;p}

All of our waitresses were extremely helpful and spoke great English.
It was Zachary’s birthday week, so we decided to go all out, as we often do.
We had the waitress recommend a good wine and started with an Italian meat appetizer. It had pickled vegetables, cold cut meats, a few olives and cheese.
With our meal, we received basket upon basket of amazing bread. This went great with our appetizer.

Next, we decided on a creamy asparagus bisque. It was quite delicious.
For our 3rd course, we got Eggplant Parmesan. We were disappointed to see it so small but still enjoyed the few bites we got each. I have never had authentic Italian Eggplant Parmesan, so I have nothing really to compare it to, except my, really Shelli’s (dear, beautiful friend), which is really Real Simple’s, Eggplant Parmesan, which I prefer over Napoli’s. I mean, it’s pretty much amazing! But it was still pretty good.
Our 4th course, was a good ole’ cheese pizza, which was delicious. 
5th Course, was the highly raved over, Panna cotta. This was our first time to taste this creamy, flan-like dessert and we were pleasantly satisfied. 
Tip: Don’t chew but let it melt in your mouth and then, it’s amazing.
We could have stopped at the Panna Cotta, but upon finding out it was Zachary’s birthday weekend, the waitresses brought us a huge Happy Birthday Tiramisu. This was probably the best Tiramisu I have ever tasted!
We left feeling very luxurious, from the huge bill and 6 courses, and full. 
It was a great date night.
I wouldn’t say this was the best food I have ever tasted, but we tried a limited amount of things, and out of those dishes their were several that were amazing, but I would definitely say, it’s the place to go, for an all out, atmosphere, and good food, date night.

On the way home, we took a nice walk, and bought some huge sparklers!


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Wow - everything sounds so yummy! I love Italian food.. I hope one day I can travel to Italy.

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