Tuesday Tidbits

It's Tuesday! You know what that means, Tuesday Tidbits! 
I know. I know. You're so excited. 
You just can't wait to hear about our week, right?! 
Well then, I won't keep you waiting. :) 

We had a busy week last week. One of the busiest. 
So much so that I had to just crash all Saturday and do nothing. 
Just detox. 
Stress/anxiety detox. 
Everything we did was awesome & encouraging but after a week so busy 
I can feel anxiety rising in my chest and my heart start to flutter again. 

But Sunday I was ready to go!
  • But before we get to Sunday, look what I found in our grains cupboard last week. Oh. my. goodness. They were everywhere and infested everything. It was sick nasty. And I had the chills the entire time I was cleaning the cupboards out and vacuuming these suckers up. Grain weevils. In case you don't already, put your grains in glass or hard plastic containers, not plastic bags or cardboard boxes, they eat through them!! Trust me, spend the money, buy the containers, {I'm sure most of you are smarter than me and already have them} you don't want these guys everywhere!
  • After that delicious information, let's share about some food we ate this week. Weevils in view and everything. Remember how I said I love meat & I persuade us to eat ribs too often? Well I convinced us again and they were awesome!
  • Sunday at our picnic I got to take some pictures of this little cutie. They aren't edited yet but I think still pretty cute.  Don't you just love those blue eyes and chubby cheeks?!
  • We had a great day Sunday. Our dear friend Jessica was bapt*zed in the ocean & then we had a huge picnic with our family & friends. It was such a wonderful day. 
Can you find us??
  • Sunday night Sherry and I got our nails done and had a Thai dinner with Christine.
Isn't Sherry awesome?! She took me to get my nails done. :) She's so thoughtful.
 Sherry's nails
My nails. I'm a little bit obsessed with them. They are shimmery silver/gold {which I NEVER thought I'd get, I usually prefer dark colors} and they were painted with that new super awesome stuff that makes the paint stay on for months. What's that stuff called?? I've been out of the States too long. 
Christine and Sherry
  • What's cuter than Chara in a sweater?? The answer is nothing. Nothing at all is cuter than this. Let's not get technical. I mean, I know there are a lot of cute things in the world. Like babies. And whole litters of baby golden retrievers. And baby pandas. And baby anythings.  But, how cute is this?! Presh.

Happy Tuesday everyone!! 


Carolyn said...

Always look forward to Tuesday Tidbits. As your mom said, it helps us feel more a part of your and Zachary's lives. The little boy is sooo handsome! Loved seeing the group at the beach. How wonderful to gather for such a special purpose. The ribs look awesome. Sorry about the servile. They can certainly be a menace. Chara is so cool in her sweater. Hope you have a good rest of the week. Love you lots.

TheTinyHeart said...

Eeek, hope the infestation is under control now! Your nails look so cute with the sparkly polish. And Chara is TOO cute in the sweater! I love dogs in sweaters :)

The Tiny Heart

Anonymous said...

A baptism in the ocean? Now that is cool!!

So sorry about the bugs getting into your food. We have problems with mice at our house. Just when we think we've gotten rid of them and closed up any holes where they might be getting in, they find a new way. It's terribly frustrating so I feel your pain!

ramsaygrace said...

Did you all cook the ribs? I'm just wondering, thinking, "there was a rib place in China and I MISSED it?!" :-)

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