Tuesday Tidbits

Happy Tuesday everyone! Tuesday's finishing up on this side of the world, and it's been a good one. :) 
We had a busy week this past week and I can't wait to share it all with you! 
I'm excited to post later this week about our awesome Game Night Saturday night & to share some new recipes with you!

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Tuesday Tidbits
  • I'm all about easy, few ingredient desserts and this Pineapple Upside Down Cake fit those requirements. And it was delicious! Recipe later this week. Wait in suspense loves. 
  • Chara just loves to make herself at home, walking all over me and snuggling up! I love it. :)
  • Saturday night we threw a Game Night at our casa with some friends. It was awesome. Most people didn't leave until 2 am. We just couldn't get enough charades, Mafia and catch phrase.
  • I know we look like two healthy love birds here, but truth be told, we've been sick the past week and a half! Ugh. It's been terrible. It's no fun when your both sick, either. Because who will rub each other's back?! :) This is a cold we haven't been able to kick! A cold fronts coming in tomorrow. I'm super excited about the cold! But hoping it doesn't make us sicker.
  • God's creative. I just love the bright neon pink/purple on this other wise boring bush.

  • Just another day playing with our Chara girl. Except this day won her the name "poop face." We noticed she kept going to a certain area of trees and kept calling her to come out of it. Finally, she came running to Zachary and reeking of something foul. She smelled like straight up stinky tofu. I went to investigate and... brace yourself...found that she had been relentlessly going back to and eating diarrhea. Human diarrhea. How do I know you it was human's, you may ask? (I mean, your actually probably not asking. Your probably loosing your stomach or wishing I wouldn't go on....But.. Sorry. I'm detail oriented. ;) ) There was used toilet paper littering the scene. Zachary washed her face off and rinsed her mouth out for a while! She's a sicko. It may take a few days to stop referring to her as poop face. 
  •  My favorite earrings. :) And loving this ruffled skirt.
  •  I really wanted something to fill our vases with something cute for when we don't have fresh flowers but the only problem is is that there is not some really awesome store where you can buy that sort of nice, decoratey stuff in China. I have mostly seen horrendous fake flowers with glitter all over them. I was super excited to find these! They look sort of trendy and are made of felt, not plastic. Which is a major plus here. What do you think?
I also found these for the guest bathroom. 
I have also had trouble finding my style of vases and decorations here 
so I improvised and just used an old green wine bottle. 
  • She's so photogenic. She's looking at me like, "Will you please stop being so annoying and taking pictures of me and please play with me?!" 
  • I made a new canvas for Zachary's side of the bathroom sink. I am trying to embrace the imperfections of my creations and am sort of loving the imperfections of this sign.
  • I made chocolate chip cookies for our coworkers this week. I was amazed to find I could make 20-30 cookies in one batch! I usually just make a pan, in which Zachary and I eat 2-3 cookies from. No joke ya'll, I've been doing this my whole life. I always thought it was bogus when cookie recipes have said they make 20-24 servings because I only got like 10 cookies. Which means we've probably been eating like 8 regular sized cookies each in one sitting! Yikes.
  • Zachary's highschool students having fun with dominoes.
  • I made some Quinoa Vegetable Chili this past week. It's so good I made it again tonight! I'll post the recipe soon!
Aunt Jessica holding Violet.
 We both have little babies. Amber has a real baby and I have a black puppy.
 Marrick and his feet.
  •  We had a great time at dinner and playing bananagrams at our friend, Lisa, and her son Ethan's, house. 
  • Zachary sporting his new watch, Thai and Chinese bracelets.
  • We are loving Fall. :) 
  • Chara and her apple. She loves fruit and veggies! But I guess that means nothing, since she also loves poop. 
  • People, go out and buy this candle right now. It's amazing.
  • The lady that cleans our apartment building. She has the best smile. We always say hello to each other each day. She's trying to duck out of the picture but I caught her. 
  • We had lots of fun with friends at a local Western Restaurant, the Diner! We celebrated Silas' 1st Birthday! 
Thanks for catching up!
Hope you guys have an awesome Tuesday! 


juliette said...

LOVE all the pictures of your beautiful face! And body! LOVE the ear rings! LOVE the felt flowers! You're SO precious in every way!

Catherine said...

Hahaha... Oh Chara!!!
I really laughed at the comment about the apple! (I burst out laughing). I know what you mean about so much less crafty stuff there, it was even tough in Korea, BUT the flowers look cute, I like them!

Wow, you guys have loads of friends there. Awesome!!!!! :)

You look beautiful my friend... LOVE those earrings!!!


KRISTIN said...

Chara is too stinkin' cute!

Holly said...

I was JUST about to say how adorable your dog was...then I read about the poop! Ewww! :O LOL!

Dropping by from the GFC blog hop. :)

Domestic Sweetheart said...

Pretty blog! I'm a new GFC follower :)

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