Baking Bread and Such

There is a bread factory next door to our school and the primary school backs up against it. Our classroom windows are always open and no matter what floor I'm on, the smell of baking bread is always wafting through the windows. Miraculously, it never makes me feel hungry, only thankful.
No matter how long we live in Asia, I refuse to ever wear nude panty hose socks with a dress, skirt or shorts. It's just tacky. And no matter how often I see it, I still think it looks bad.
I went in to H&M the other day and I knew it was a mistake. I even tried things on, just for fun. It was a mistake because 1. We have no extra money to be spending on clothes. 2. Whenever I see all the fantastic outfits, I naturally want them all. 3. Once I have shopping and clothes on the brain, it takes a lot for me to put my mind on other things.
But, to lay it down now, I'm going to live vicariously through the blog and say that IF I had money I would buy the following;

I tried this on! It was fabulous. I love the fabric, pattern and fit. 
And I am loving this floral. 
I can't get enough blazers. They are the best thing in my teacher's closet. 
They make anything I'm wearing look more professional.
And, fit correctly, they're super flattering. 
I love all the colorful skinny pants and cords. 
Great for boots this fall and winter.
I love the fit of this dress. And the puff sleeves.
Clearly, I like a certain fit. Honestly, because I think these cuts are so flattering. 
But I am also loving this dress. It would look great with a cardigan on a date night.
They look so comfy and would look great with skinny jeans.
Again, loving the colorful skinny pants.
Especially this burgundy. Perfect for Fall. 
Also, I'm obsessed with sleeved dresses. 
This dress would pair well with leggings, boots and a scarf. 

And there you go. I feel better already. Now the world knows what I would be wearing if I could. :)

I can't believe it's already the middle of October.  October is flying by. I want it to slow down. There's too much to soak in and do this Fall. 

Though, I want it to slow down, I'm already planning for Thanksgiving in Christmas. And can't wait until they get here!

I saw a small Halloween table at the store the other day. They had masks and capes. It was the only thing Halloween themed I've seen sold in China thus far.

Zachary and I have been sick the past week and a half. Feeling sick gets old. It's so exhausting. But going to an American doctor for only $3, may not get old for awhile. 
Zachary and I cannot stop laughing and singing this sign. 
This is Chara to a tee. She's a creeper.
It's hilarious.

Happy Monday
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Catherine said...

WOW... I feel the same about the clothes. It's just better for me to STAY AWAY!!! If I go look - then I want - and I'm not really good at forgetting what I saw!!!! I start making up reasons why I "need" the stuff - but let's me honest, I don't NEED any more clothes, I just WANT more clothes!! lol

Stay away girl, don't torture yourself! ;)


Hena Tayeb said...

If I smelled bread all the time I think I'd gain a few pounds just by dreaming about it all..
And a $3 doctor sounds great.. hope you are feeling better. Being sick really does suck.

Leslie Gilmore said...

MMMMM...I love the smell of bread baking! I wouldn't be able to resist! I love all these clothes!! Especially the blue blazer!! And the picture of the pup...so cute!!

Also, I nominated you for a Liebster Award! You can find all the details on my blog here!

Leslie @ Sincerely, Leslie

Ruthie Hart said...

dang bread is my WEAKNESS!! I love just eating it plain....and the smell! oh the smell! You are awesome for not stuffing your faces every single day! And doctor for $3?!??! Holy moly!! That is crazy! And I hope you get to feeling better, I haven't gotten my yearly cold, Im scared!

Amy @ Not Your Average Baby Blog said...

I feel you on this post! 1. The socks---ew! No! I couldn't do it either!

And H & M is dangerous. I know all too well the dangers of shopping while on a budget. UGH!

Saxon @ Lets Drink Coffee, Darling said...

Hi, I just found you through the GFC blog hop! I lived in Kunming last year for about 6 months, it's nice to find someone who share's some China love! Looking forward to keeping up with your blog!

Ashley said...

That's why I try not to even go in the stores!! But sometimes trying on is just too much fun!

Samantha Justine Zamora said...

hi there! I saw your blog on GFC blog hop and I'm now following you! I hope you follow my blogs as well... cheers!


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