Game Night

Our church decided to put together a Game Night last Saturday to invite friends from our work & other foreigners in Qingdao and we hosted at our Casa. 
Of course, I was soooo excited to be hosting & love an excuse for a party.
You guys, if you haven't had a Game Night in awhile, DO IT! 
It was soooo much fun! 
Most people didn't leave until close to 2 am. 

As I've mentioned before, China doesn't exactly have a wealth of supplies for party decorating and creating. {Unless you want every party & creation to be with Red Lanterns and red & gold Chinese words--Those they have in abundance.}
We had to improvise and do what we could with playing cards, paper, tape and string. :)
I think it turned out pretty cute. The best party about these simple decorations was that they were super cheap! 
Kate and I spent a Friday evening watching Chick Flicks, cutting, and pasting. It was the best! :) 
"May the odds be EVER in your Favor" 
We made sure to incorporate the theme through out the house.

For food we wanted lots of colorful stuff with a slight carnival/fair feel. 
We made sure to place bowels of popcorn and colorful candy around the house, too.
What's a party at the Mosby's without Chips and Salsa? Kate made this awesome salsa for the night! She read my mind!
Cheese and olives, to add a touch of class. ;p
Ranch dip. Thanks to my mom and grandma C. for sending me ranch packets!
Mocha brownies and "funnel cake," which was really just doughnuts.
Kate and I. 
Popcorn, peanuts and candy. 
And lots of M&M's for poker.
Glenn & Victoria.
Pineapple upside down cake. It doesn't look so pretty, but was delicious.
What's a fair without Texas sausage wraps?
Lots of colorful candy and carmel apples. 
You guys will freak if you hear how easy it is to make carmel! I may leave that for another post!
(Yes, I know, I misspelled carmel on the sign.) 
It's awesome having so many people from so many different countries for a game night! 
Everyone has new games and different variations. 
5 countries represented at this table
Sasha from Germany, Nick from Austria, Zach from Texas, 
Glenn from South Africa, Victoria from China
Catch Phrase
M&M poker
One of the best games of the night was a "Quirk Game." 
When people arrived I had them draw a quirk. {Playing cards that I wrote quirks on}
People had to act out their quirk the entire night and at the end of the night we guessed what people's quirks were.
Example quirks: 
Twirl your hair
Talk about cow tipping the whole night 
(Glenn, from South Africa got this one, I had to explain to him what cow tipping was. It was quite hilarious to listen to him bring it up in conversation.) 
Leave food on your face
Laugh obnoxiously 
Go through the cupboards
Talk about your wisdom teeth 
Burst out into song
Shout, " I love game night!" every time someone says game
Mike got "Light candles all night" (someone else had blow them out) 
It was hilarious! He would get up in the middle of conversations to take candles off of the shelves and light them. All the candles in the house were lit and he looked insane! 
It was too funny! He did a great job with his quirk, so he won a prize at the end of the night, an white-out in the shape of the I-Phone 5. His eyes lit up at the sight of it until he realized it wasn't really an I-Phone 5. Haha)
Mr. Cool
We had a great time!
We played movie charades, catch phrase, Mafia and poker, along with some other games. 
Have you guys played Mafia?! It's so fun!
Zachary & I after game night. Which is why his shirt is off and you can see his hairy chest. :)

Have you ever had a Game Night? 
What fun things did you do?! 


Carolyn said...

Girl, you do know how to decorate for game night--to use what you have and do a wonderful job! Some very clever ideas! Loved seeing the food and decorations. Don't bleieve that you left anything out. :) So good seeing all of your friends. What fun you must have had!

We have game night once a month with two other couples. Mostly, we play a card game called Canasta! It is great fun, even though we are a bit competitive. We also have a meal, and rotate homes each month. The host home provides the main course, plus a veggie, drinks, bread, while each of the other ladies bring either a salad or dessert. We have table snacks, usually Peanut M&M's and pretzels--like we really need them after the meal! The laughter and fellowship is the most fun. We share what's going on in our lives, pray for our children and grandchildren, and generally act as a support for one another. These two couples have become dear friends for many years now.

Our SS class also has game nights at various times during the year. It's a great way to get to know others and share the commonalities that you have.

Great job, Heather and Zach! As I said, you do have the gift of hospitality and are wonderful at it!

Love you. Grandma C.

Joni said...

You did a great job of decorating with the materials you have. I love the cards bunting!

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