Do you like to Party?

Last week we were super stoked to have some friends over for Zachary's birthday
We weren't paid for the last 3 months while we were on vacation {What?! You don't get paid for sitting at Starbucks everyday?! What?!-- Actually, next summer we will, but that's beside the point. :) } so we were lacking in the funds on his actual birthday and had to work. 
Soooo we postponed his party a few days but I think it still turned out pretty awesome! 

Have we mentioned before how much we love having people over?! 

The Menu:
 I cooked up some mini burgers and fries! 
Potatoes, ready to be battered and fried
Recognize these guys? That's right, they're the awesome ranch burgers I posted about!

For   the Apps:
My all time favorite snack, apples and peanut butter. 
Oh, and with a chocolate chip, because you know, it's a party.
Tomato and mozzarella 
Grape and peach kabobs
For Dessert:
A fabulous M&M cake. I had to Pinterest that one. (okay, jk. It's a boxed cake, with icing and M&Ms thrown on top.)
I had limited time people, don't judge. 
And those little skinny things sticking out the top are some Chinese candles. 
These I were excited about and did, in fact, get the recipe off of Pinterest for. 
Blonde Brownies. 

And for the Friends: 
Little Marick, helping out. All the dog hair must have been bothering him.
Remember how I said I cooked up some fries? Well, what I really meant was this guy, Nick, did.
Nick is an awesome Austrian and a legit Chef. 
So, I thought it would only be fair and thoughtful of me to let him do the hard part.
And he insisted on wearing my apron. ;)
Little Marick and Jessica.
Silas with two smokin' hot ladies.
So, I wanted to take a picture with Marick and show how motherly I can be, and as soon as I took him from his mother, the kid who NEVER cries, started crying! 
I am exasperated. 
Sweet Violet made an appearance at the party. She was really ready to party, eyes open and everything.
She partied hard and got a little sleepy.
These two hams were climbing all over the furniture all night. I love it! 
Ella, is very confidently posing, while Mia runs out of the picture. She refused to pose for a picture. 
Silas doesn't mind posing.
How precious is this?! She's reading him the cards she made for him.
Time to light it up!
Opening the first of many gifts!
Sweet Linda got him two bags of coffee. One is decaf, she must have been thinking of me. :)
Poor Josh still has his fingers bandaged up from his motorcycle accident a month ago!
Jinan crackers and chocolate from Josh!
Lots of chocolate and coke zero from The Klugg's!
Dark chocolate mint brownies from Kate.
Sorry, Abigal was taking pictures and cut off Zach's head.
Truffles and German chocolate from Sascha. 
Tea from this amazing family. 
Mia, Amanda, Anabel and Ben.
Tons of chocolate from CJ, Amber and Violet.
The only one to eat my slaved over cake.
Wine and sweaters from Jess and Marick.
Anabel, water chestnut mustache-ing it.
Zachary's loot. 
Yes, he loves chocolate. 
Guess what he'll be eating for days??? 
Okay, let's be real, it won't take him that long. ;)
{not with me helping}

Thanks all for coming over to Zachary's birthday party! 
And thank YOU for reading about it! :) 


SimplyHeather said...

Wow it looks like you all had an amazing time!! All the food looks yummy by the way (:

xo, Heather

Ruthie Hart said...

Dang look at that spread!! The cake and blonde brownies look awesome!! And I am definitely going to try your ranch burgers!! Looks like a blast :-)

KRISTIN said...

What a fun party! That food looks AMAZING! Happy Belated Birthday to your hubs. :)

Esther Davison said...

Dear Heather,
I am a new follower from the friends to followers hop. ARe you still in China? I love travel and foreign countries. I try to get out of the states at least once a year (doesn't alway work out that way though.) I'm a big fan of parties too and try to celebrate my birthday for a whole month! If you like photography, you should check my blog out. Esther Norine Designs

Carolyn said...

wonderful party! I am sure it was very special to Zach. You two are an amazing couple! Thanks for sharing the pictures of you and Zach, and the awesome looking food. Love it that you have so many wonderful friends there. You are an amazing hostess and you do definitely have the gift of hospitality! Love and prayers. Grandma Carolyn

Chris said...

Hi there, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

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