Halloween Korean Style

We have been so busy this week and still fighting colds! 
{Being so busy probably doesn't help the colds.} 
So, I am just now getting to Thursday's post, today. So sorry. Forgive me? :) 
Without further ado, 
Thursday Throwback 
Halloween Korean Style
I know I've mentioned it before but Halloween in Korea was so much fun. 
Our school was gung-ho for Halloween and shelled out the time and money for it.

**As a side note, I nearly cried looking at these pictures. I was so close to my students in Korea. We had small classes and they were with me the whole day. I loved them to pieces. I even had a dream one time I was a duck and they were my ducklings. :) I miss them so much! That's the sad part of teaching abroad because most likely I'll never see them again. I know God has amazing plans for each of their lives though, so I trust in that!

The week leading up to our big Halloween bash was spirit week which included pumpkin carving, crafts and dress up days. 
Each day the week the kids had to come to school dressed up a certain way. 
Pajama Day
My 9 sleeping Babies

I love these duck PJ's

Sports Day
Tae Kwon Do

Crazy Hair Day
We had a classroom decoration competition to encourage teachers' decorating skills.
For more pictures of my classroom and DIY Halloween Decoration ideas check here. 
The Night before Halloween all the teachers stayed late and decorated the hallways, gym and entry way. The best part was turning the play gym into a Haunted House!

 The Haunted House was legit with the lights turned off, scary music playing, and Zachary teacher :) jumping out and scaring students! The kids had a blast!
{Except for the 4 year old class. There was a point where the entire class of 10 were huddled together in the slide tube crying. Zachary had to convince them he was Zachary Teacher and not a monster. But let's not talk about that. Ha}
Zachary worked out a way that he could pull this toilet paper ghost up and have it drop down on the students. 
When the students came in a teacher led them through the play gym. It was so fun  for them to be able to crawl up and through tunnels and slide down with cobwebs, spiders and streamers throughout. 
The kids absolutely loved it. 

The day of Halloween the students and teachers came dressed up in their Halloween costumes. We had a song contest, where each class performed a song, went trick-or-treating from class to class, ate yummy treats and visited the Haunted House. It was a great day!
 Dak boki, their favorite snack.
 Zachary and I went as Cat in the Hat. Our school gave us a budget and a huge catalogue to look through to choose our costumes. We were excited to choose something fun! 
That day we read them Cat in the Hat and other Dr. Seuss books.
Our costume didn't come with a hat. (silly, right?! I mean it is Cat in the Hat! How can they send you a cat costume without the hat!) 
So we made our own with white and red felt and a glue gun.
It was super easy! 

Hope you enjoyed this weeks Thursday Throwback and feel a little more pumped up for Halloween!


KRISTIN said...

How fun! I bet the kids LOVED it! The pretty little ballerinas kill me.

TheTinyHeart said...

These photos of the kids are SO cute! It warmed my heart. I love the decorations with the kids' faces as spiders, hehe.

The Tiny Heart
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Rachel said...

Your students were PRECIOUS! Little kids in Halloween costumes just get me :)

Brooke Houston said...

I just love all these pictures so much, especially the coaches pic haha! I'm so envious of your time in Korea and with all those kiddos! Looks like a great time

Carolyn said...

Wonderful pictures! The children dressed in their costumes warmed my heart. They are so precious and I can see why you miss them. Loved the costume theme you and Zachary chose!

Anonymous said...

Wow...you weren't kidding!!! The school really did go all out! Is Halloween a popular holiday in Korea? I grew up in Singapore and the only people who celebrated Halloween were the kids in the American neighborhoods. Bummer.

I love all of the pictures you took. They look like really great memories. The kids in their pjs look so cuddly!!

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