Hunger Games Capitol Party

Our roomie, Nicole, had a 24th birthday May 26th, so we decided to party it up on May 24th. A 24th birthday on the 24th of May. See what I did there? In honor of Nicole's birthday we had a Hunger Games Capitol party.
I was of course excited about this party plan because it meant all the fun things that come with parties; making delicious food, decorating & dressing up crazy. 

Vanilla cake with fudge chocolate chunk frosting covered in Nicole's favorite, Oreos.
For decorations I printed tons of printables offline, pulled out our faux fire lanterns from our Harry Potter Party, used the same table cloth & bunting from Catherine's baby shower, and used a scarf as a table runner.
Dressing up in China is not the easiest. We, as expats, have very limited options. Limited to what's in our closet already. We all ended up looking like we came from the 80's versus the Capitol, but I like to think that we looked as Capitol people in the 80's, so really, it was still on theme. ;) 
The Game Keeper's brother & his Capitol wife.
As always, Chara was excited for the party, too! So many people to pet her!!
We all loved getting crazy with our makeup and hair!
Stan took a different take on the Capitol. He said he thought, "The Capitol is crazy! What's more crazy than me dressing like a girl?!" Too cute. He put his dreads in 3 nice pigtails, too.
The Game Keeper and the Game Keeper's brother.
The Capitol in the 80's. :)
The birthday girl!
Ya'll what's up with my eyes? It freaks me out! I even had a dream about this picture the other day!
We can be super serious in The Capitol when our favorite tribute dies, or be really funny when our favorite tribute wins!

After cake time we played charades! It was quite fun I must say! It's been forever since I played!

Justin and Catherine stopped by later in the night to say hello and watch us play charades! They had a long day so they didn't get a chance to dress up.
We had a great time & always love getting together with a group of friends! Happy Birthday Nicole! Thanks for being born and giving us reason to celebrate!
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