Chara's First Beach Day

 We have been dying to take Chara to the beach since we moved to Qingdao. We know that golden retrievers have a natural love of water and with Chara we have seen that she is no exception. When we go running, after a rain, and she sees a puddle of water, she will run through it and then start zooming around. It's like she's Mario and hit one of those super sonic speed stars on Super Mario Brothers. It's hilarious. Also, any time it is raining and we take her outside, she immediately starts prancing around and this girl is one of the best when it comes to taking baths. We've know that she's a water child through and through.
Taking Chara to the beach was one of our main motivations in wanting to buy a car in Qingdao. There are so many great beaches here and places to take her but taxi drivers won't. Our good friend, Sascha, and his sons, love Chara. So, a few weekends ago Sascha asked if we'd like to take Chara to the beach. We said, "heck, yes!" and jumped in his jeep with Chara.
The weather was perfect for a day at the beach!
As soon as Chara hit the sand she started galloping happily. I always notice that she gets excited on changes of terrain.
She ran up to the water quickly, waited a few seconds to watch it, and then jumped right in!
At first she just slightly walked in the waves but soon she was jumping over them and running around happily.
In love with the water and so happy!
 Chara looking for her frisbee. I've never seen Chara play fetch so well. She could have just kept playing and playing and playing!
 For the first half hour, Chara would play in the water, until she reached the drop off point. She would quickly turn around and swim back to shallower water.
 But soon she was following Zachary out further and swimming so well!
 Of course we were quite a sight for the Chinese around. A group of foreigners and a happy, wet golden retriever, what a sight!
 The green surrounding the beach was so pretty! Chara LOVED the beach and playing in the water! I've never seen her with so much energy! She was in her element! So thankful Sascha took us!
"Thank you Uncle Sascha! I had a great day!" -Chara
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jackie jade said...

oh my goodness - sooooo cute! i would love to see if my dogs would like to swim.

chalayn said...

This is so adorable! I was smiling the whole time looking at photos of Chara in the water. :) Belle loves different terrains and going to the beach too. I think Chara loves the water more than Belle though. Every time we are near water she walks in it and then walks back out. She keeps doing it so I know she likes it, but she's not a very strong swimmer (three legs) so I think maybe that's why. She hates baths though - but loves them when they're over. :)
Cute photos and so glad you all had fun!

Taylor Grace said...

you take great photos! what a happy pup!

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