Our Creed on Culture

We, The Mosby's love God & His Son, our Savior, Jesus.

 We also love people. People that He created in His image, out of love.

We believe...

 ...that the differences in culture, people, language and customs are good & we celebrate them.

...that culture & differences among us are to draw us closer to Jesus & to glorify God.

...that in every culture there are pieces that are reflections of Jesus. We love discovering new cultures.

...that every person, created in the image of God, reflects aspects of who He is and His character.

...we live in a fallen, sinful world so sometimes, those pieces are really hard to find in a culture and a person. Sometimes they are buried deep. Sometimes they're buried deep by sin, government systems, pain, loss, grief, greed, selfishness, pride, beliefs, customs, and the list goes on and on.

...Sometimes those pieces of God, are more obvious and easier to see;  like; in the Chinese & how they take care of their family & in the province of Yunan, in the passion of the Koreans & in the beauty of Sorakson, in the huge smiles and hospitality of the Thais, & in their Northern Mountains & in their beautiful beaches,  in the free spirits of the Costa Ricans & in their lush coffee farms, in the determination of the Americans & the Tex Mex of the Texans ;),  in the simplicity of the Haitains & in the strength amidst the rubble of Port Au Prince.

We are determined to see God's fingerprints upon all the cultures He allows us to, even if sometimes we have to dig deep.

...that God loves every person and that Jesus died for every man & woman.

...that He is God over all. Over every culture & every heart, regardless of a country or culture's belief.

...in loving the world & it's people as Jesus loved us. Humbly, selflessly, courageously & fully.

...God wants every nation, every tongue & every man/woman to know His love for them by Jesus sacrifice on the cross.

What are some of your beliefs about culture?

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