Placenta Caretaking & Placenta Smoothies

You may have heard around this bliggity that my sister friend Catherine has been pregnant! Has been pregnant, as in the last 9 months, and Baby Elijah is coming so, so soon! Like any time now!
 We are getting super excited to meet Elijah! It's been amazing feeling him through Catherine's belly. Catherine is the first friend that I've been able to see her more up close change  over the 9 months and she's a great story teller so she often fills me in on some of the ends and outs of pregnancy. I love it. I've loved watching her grow and thinking about how Elijah is growing inside of there!
I'm stoked because I have a job come labor day! My job is to be the Placenta Master, or Caretaker, I prefer Master. Like grill master, but with placentas. Or like the Master Chef. But the Master Placenta Chef. ;)
This weekend I will be preparing all my placenta care taking supplies!

Care taking List
a cooler
ice cube trays filled
freezer ziploc bags
Smoothie Supplies
good quality honey
coconut milk
This weekend I'll cut every thing up, put it in the freezer, ready to be smoothified, and wait patiently for the main ingredient, that star of the show, the placenta!
As placenta caretaker :) I have to get the placenta on ice as soon as possible, take it home and cut it into pieces, freeze it and make Catherine daily delicious placenta smoothies! At least, I hope they're delicious! I'll be doing this because it will be good for Catherine to start drinking the smoothies soon after delivery, if she can, also it's important to get it frozen or refrigerated, as soon as possible. Of course, Justin and Catherine will have tons of things to be doing, like recovering and enjoying their new baby, and not be able to go home with the placenta right away, so I'm so happy to help!
In case you're wondering why Catherine would want to consume her placenta, just wait, because I'm sure I will write a post on that later!  But so you know now, there are tons of benefits to consuming the placenta! Also, you could google it. But be warned, DON'T push images on google! Really, just trust me. 
Have you ever made a placenta smoothie? Any tips?
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jackie jade said...

ahhh i've heard about the benefits of consuming the placenta but it freaks me out a little. let us know how it goes!

Kym Fox @ Travel Babbles said...

I'm with Jackie lol - I've heard of these, and how great placenta pills are etc but the thought of them creeps me out!!!!

Kym Fox @ Travel Babbles said...

ps - props to you, Master ;)

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