Dragon Boat Bracelets

I started noticing last month that all of my students, from different schools and different grades, were wearing these rubber band bracelets. It was crazy to me to see all these children with the same style bracelets! I can remember fads like this in the States when I was younger.
 Do you remember these chokers? Gosh, weren't they terrible?! And jelly bracelets? Scrunchies! Trucker hats?! You were super cool if you had a good trucker hat. Tube socks that scrunched.
Do you remember friendship bracelets? I remember being real into that in elementary.  I even had a craft organizer for all my different colors of string. It was legit and I'd bring it to recess. That's what all of us cool kids did at recess for 1 to 2 months before the fad ended and four square became the next big thing. My friendship bracelets always stayed in the braid zone. I could never do any of that crazy, crafty, fancy pants stuff some kids could do! 
 Anyways, so I thought these bracelets were one of those fad type things but I found out they're dragon boat bracelets. Kids make them, then after the first rain, after the dragon boat festival, they're supposed to cut them off for good luck. Interesting, huh? So, now you know.
 Ivy-girl sporting her bracelets! 

So, were you into the string bracelets, too? How about those amazingly beautiful tribal chokers?
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Rach @ This Italian Family said...

So I was blog hopping and I saw one called "The Mosbys in China" and I was SO confused! I thought maybe my mom used to have a secret blog that she'd never told me about. But nope! We apparently weren't the only Mosbys who ever lived in China, haha! My family and I moved to Wuhan, China in 2000. I came back for college in 2004 and they moved back the following year in 2005. And sure enough, my maiden name was Mosby! So we, too, were The Mosbys in China! Crazy! Glad I found your blog. :)

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