Nanjing Lake Park

For my 27th birthday, Zachary made all my dreams come true by planning a surprise trip for us. This is something I loooove! It doesn't matter where for me, it's really just about the travel, the getting away & the making of memories. He surprised me with a whole weekend get away to a city near and dear to my heart, Nanjing. I had been to Nanjing before for a summer and really longed to go back, reminisce and show Zachary the city that drew us back to China. We spent one afternoon strolling through Nanjing Lake Park, a park in the middle of the city, guarded on one side by the Nanjing Wall. It was beautiful and a great place to relax, chat and get a little exercise in. DSC00378DSC00382 
We love Chinese park culture. Because the cities are crowded & mostly concrete, you can often find little getaway parks or squares with in a city. They will always be buzzing with life, too. Chinese people love the easier exercises of dance, walking and Tai Chi, and the parks are where they go to to them. If you want to sit back, relax and people watch in China, a park is a good place to go.
The hazy Nanjing skyline. Yuck. But the park was beautiful still, and some how the air seemed fresher!DSC00391DSC00392 
In the middle of the park there was a lovely rose garden. There were tons of varieties and colors to see. DSC00395Though it was November, the cherry blossoms were still in bloom. DSC00396DSC00398DSC00422DSC00405 
We went to Nanjing in 'Movember' so Zachary was rocking the stache.
The happy birthday girl. :) DSC00418Though the park had many people enjoying the weather and scenery, it was still big enough to enjoy quiet spaces and strolls. The park entrance is part of the Nanjing wall. DSC00427
I always love this gold pegs on a red door feature that you see in tons of Chinese architecture. DSC00431
Nanjing Lake Park is a great place to go for free to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy some scenery. It's a great way to spend an afternoon, before or after, you explore the Nanjing wall. The park also has small sail boats and paddle boats for rent.

Thank you sweet husband for making my dreams come true by planning a surprise trip! I love you!post signature

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