The Color Run 2015

A few months ago I had this great idea. Braggy much? I know. I can't hep it though, it was a REALLY good idea! My idea was this: have all my siblings come up to Dallas, have a fun-filled weekend all together & do The Color Run! Well apparently all of my precious siblings thought it was a good idea too, because Friday, March 27, the day before the Color Run, they all drove up to Zachay's parents house in Dallas & we began our fun-filled, completely awesome Sibling Weekend.:) Friday night we stayed up past our bedtimes painting our nails in neon colors (the ladies did at least) & headed to bed, so we could make our 6 am wake up call!
The Siblings minus Sophie, who's 3. Too small now for our shenanigans. Left to Right (Your Left, not the computers, just to be clear because it's always really confusing to me, and I usually wish someone would clarify for me.) : Again, Left to Right: Zachary, Meeeee, Harley, Brittany (Zachary's sister), Lauren (future-sister-in-law), Jacob & Justin. And of course Chara, in bliss, because so many people filled Zachary's parents home. More hands to pet her! 
Load it up! The boys got in one car (Don't worry, we had Lauren move before we drove off)& the girls got in another. DSC03386DSC03391DSC03404DSC03403DSC03394
Not to brag or anything but the girls' car was awesome. It was filled with lots of singing & dancing, and general 6:30 am, sleep deprived, festivities. Later we heard that the boys car was filled with some singing, but no one could really get into the Opera they were playing.

After, the music filled ride, we arrived at The Color Run, which was located on the Texas State Fair grounds. DSC03410
I love races. They're is always so much energy. Everyone is just so pumped up & excited to be there. I feel that way at all races but even more so at The Color Run. There's it claims to be 'the Happiest 5K on the planet.' Because it is! People are energized & eager for all the fun to begin!DSC03414DSC03416DSC03417
We love our mommas! DSC03419
Check out these festive sunglasses I won from the Alcatel Onetouch booth. I guessed a color, spinned a wheel that landed on that color. Easy peasy, free glasseasys. They are now Zachary's back up glasses in the car when he forgets his. Sometimes he forgets he is wearing them and starts to walk into places with them on. It's cute.

The course! A 5k filled with color stations, where you get covered in color! Ending at a Color Party!DSC03426DSC03429DSC03431
Reader, please note, there is a billion pictures in this post. I know a lot of bloggers say that and then they only post like 10. That is not the case for me. The short blog post around these parts includes 10 pictures. Most, include about 100. Also, Reader, please forgive my vanity. Half of these pictures are of myself. I can't help it. I was holding the camera and desperate to document this Run. Also, to document myself all Neon-fied & Color Run-fied, I guess. It gets excessive. And you could say, why not just post a few? Why not delete the majority of the pictures of yourself with your arm in half the picture, revealing you are taking a selfie? That is a good question, Reader. A question to which I have no answer, except to say that I must really like the way I look with a neon flower headband & colored flour all over my face. DSC03439DSC03441
Please observe the nails. The nails, people. DSC03443
He's festive. DSC03449DSC03456DSC03459Love them. :)DSC03462DSC03463
They're skipping. They're cute.

For the Dallas color run, ColorCancer was the charity highlight. Find them on Facebook here. ColorCancer provides free at-home care supplies to cancer patients in need. On the day of our packet pick up we were given ColorCancer wrist bands, where we could dedicate our run to someone we knew who has cancer or who has died from cancer. Zachary's cousin, Patti, passed away from cancer a few weeks before the run. We dedicated our run to her. DSC03477
Up comes yellow! Our first color of the run. DSC03480DSC03481DSC03484
If you've done a color run before, you know that at each color station things get crazy! Colored flour is flying everywhere. There are people on each side of the treck with buckets & squeeze bottles full of color. As you run by, or stop in front of them if you want to get really dirty, they throw the color on you. DSC03485
He's so serious. DSC03489DSC03491We all had just a little bit of yellow on us! It wasn't until the next color station that we figured out how to get really drenched in color. DSC03495
I loved the big Texas Ferris wheel. DSC03498DSC03503DSC03505DSC03509DSC03511
Next up, BLUE!DSC03512
We really got dirty when it came to blue!DSC03513DSC03514
Harley getting blued!DSC03515DSC03516DSC03517DSC03518
DSC03521DSC03524DSC03525Please note, Harley, the best photo bomber ever. Ya'll I had to keep taking the same picture over and over because of the sun & shadows. DSC03529
Justin doesn't do things half way. DSC03534DSC03541DSC03547Please note other selfie taker in the background. Also, #3 of this basically exact same photo of this post. DSC03551DSC03556
Like  I said, best photo bomber ever award goes to Harley. DSC03561And we're off to orange. DSC03565
The suspense. DSC03567
For real, the happiest. DSC03570DSC03574
Lauren getting oranged. DSC03573DSC03576
Harley getting oranged. DSC03575DSC03577DSC03581DSC03592DSC03593DSC03594DSC03596
It's hard to say what's going on here. DSC03597
That's better. DSC03599DSC03604DSC03606DSC03607DSC03608DSC03609DSC03610DSC03612DSC03619DSC03622They're like models. DSC03624DSC03627DSC03628Thug-life. DSC03629DSC03630
The best station of all, PINK!DSC03637
DSC03647DSC03653DSC03655DSC03656Real men wear pink.DSC03658DSC03665And last but not least, the Shine station! The Shine Tour 2015 is the name of The Color Run this year because of glitter. :) Also, some shiny color packets we got at the after run party. The glitter stayed in our hair for ages! We saw Lauren weeks later and she still had that glitter clinging to her curly locks!DSC03670DSC03673DSC03674DSC03678Glitter!
At the finish of the 5k there's a huge 'after party.' There's lots of dancing & color throws. Everyone grabs a color packet at the end of the race and throws up their color at one time! It creates awesome pictures like this. 
Once the festivities are over everyone lines up at the Shout booth to be 'cleaned off' by leaf blowers.  I don't think it did much but it was a good thought. DSC03750
Waiting in the Shout line!DSC03752
We couldn't help but laugh after Justin wiped his face off & was left with blue eyebrows & a blue mustache! DSC03755By the time we got home, around 11,  Zachary's parents had set up a slip and slide for us! Everyone sat out, soaking in the sun & relaxing after our fun filled morning! It was hard to believe that it was only 11 o'clock! It's crazy all you can do when you wake up at 6!DSC03777Chara girl joined in the slip and slide fun!DSC03785
We had a fantastic time at The Color Run Shine Tour '15! All the rumors are true, it is amazing and of course, 'the happiest 5k on the planet!' Siblings, I freakin' love you guys. It wouldn't have been fun without you!
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Diana. said...

I had never read a color five run in detail it does look like a blast, I hope I get to participate in one in June!

Diana. said...

oh yeah, I totally typed that up wrong.. a color run, not five.. haha

chalayn said...

FUN! I did the "Neon Run" - similar idea but it was at night with black lights and we got misted with some sort of black light paint.

I'm glad there were plenty of people around for Chara to get petted by too. ;)

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