Loboc at Night: The Fireflies

 One of our favorite memories in Bohol was our time on Loboc River at night. Our hotel had 'firefly tours' that took off from the tiny dock connected to the resorts dining room. We scheduled a tour one night and waited for our tour guide by the water. Zachary had fun testing out the night shot options on our camera. DSC_0372DSC_0386DSC_0377DSC_0367
Once our tour guide arrived, we jumped into his tiny boat, and headed down the river. Our tour guide, the same guy who took me to feed the monkeys, was one of the sweetest people we met. He spoke 0 English, but was always all smiles. The river was beautiful & peaceful during the day but even more peaceful at night. It was smooth as glass, lined with mangrove trees & pitch black except the moonlight. We made our way down the quiet river in search of all the trees filled with the famous Bohol fireflies.

I couldn't get a good picture with my camera but upon a quick Google search I found a few that give you a small glimpse at how beautiful these twinkling trees along the river were.



It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen. They lit the trees up like decorated Christmas trees. It was magical really. That ride down the river at night was such a peaceful, worshipful experience. It was impossible for us to be out there in the beautiful water and not think about God!

 Should you find yourself in Bohol, take a night cruise down the river! Do it on a tiny, private boat out of Loboc River Resort. They're are tons of dinner cruise options with bands & dinner available on them but don't waste your time looking at the fireflies on one of those! Do that activity a different time. Trust me. You'll treasure those peaceful moments on the river, viewing the fireflies.
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Diana L said...

the trees look so pretty! I've never photographed fireflies like that (since the last time I saw them was pre-smartphones) but your pictures came out great!

chalayn said...

Beautiful! I've never gotten to see a firefly in person but I hope to someday. I'm glad you'll always have those memories!

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