Visiting with David

 Since coming home we've had the opportunity to catch up with so many people! It's been amazing to hear about our friends and families lives the past 4 1/2 years. 4 1/2 years is way to long! Thankfully we have some amazing friends and family & we're able to skip all the awkwardness of being away so long, and get straight to catching up, right where we left off! It's funny how many of our conversations have started with, "Okay, so 5 years ago you were here (insert place), so where'd you go next?" Then the past 5 years' stories begin! We got to meet with David during one of our first weeks back in Austin. David was Zachary's best friend growing up and his Best Man in our wedding. DSC03218
 We met at a local favorite, now not so local as this dellllicious burger joint is popping up all over Texas, Hopdoddy. I got a refreshing kale salad and Z got a mushroom-swiss burger. DSC03216DSC03220
Look at all those delicious burger choices. Nom nom nommm. DSC03221
After lunch, we went and picked up David's girl-dog and made our way to Zilker park. DSC03223DSC03224DSC03225DSC03227
We spent hours in the sun, under the trees just talking, catching up on life. We have such a great time with David! After, hours in the sun, we were parched, so we headed to Radio City Coffee for some ammmmmmazing iced coffee. DSC03230
Do you see the foam on top of that coffee? Love their cold brew! You don't need to add anything to it. DSC03231
Austin! After dropping David and his pup-pup off, we grabbed a gyro (from the little gyro food truck in front of Spiderhouse, for the Austin peeps.) Those gyros, which as I found out that day, pronounced gee-row, not jie (long i) -row. Did you know this Readers? I think it's pretty much common knowledge. But knowledge that I never learned. DSC03233DSC03234DSC03235DSC03238
We had a great day outside, enjoying the Texas weather, Austin food & friends! Love you David!post signature

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Esther Davison said...

I have been to Greece and gyros come with fries inside. You got an authentic gyro. estherdavison@gmail.com

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