Your Shop

To most people they may only see a saw, a car, a hammer, a dirty piece of ply wood, a shop; but those of us who knew you, we see something more. We see pieces and glimpses of you. We see memories of you in each thing & each tool. We see your dreams in the projects left undone. We see your hands & craftsmanship on the handles of each tool. We see your creative spirit. We see you working & building, making things new and making things better. We see your wild, fun & free spirit in things like spray paint & all of your toys. We see a hard worker in your dirtied gloves.  And somehow we feel closer to you with the smell of saw dust and lacquer. Or in a cold garage, or  holding a rifle or blaring music with our windows rolled down. We see you in the faces of people who love you & who you have loved. 
Other people may see an empty shop, but we see you. DSC00554
DSC00558DSC00602DSC00583DSC00591DSC00592DSC00590DSC00599DSC00600DSC00601DSC00606DSC00607DSC00608DSC00610DSC00613DSC00618DSC00622DSC00623DSC00625DSC00629DSC00630DSC00631DSC00632DSC00634DSC00596DSC00643DSC00647DSC00642DSC00644DSC00646DSC00650DSC00651DSC00653DSC00654We will never stop seeing you, Daddy.  We love you. post signature


rachel said...

Oh my gosh! This made me cry. Caught off guard actually since at first I didn't realize it was about Shaun. Very heart warming. I love him more than words can say and this made me feel him...if even for a moment. Love you so much. Grandma

Diana. said...

it's true how sometimes something so meaningless will mean the world to someone else. I hope everything is okay with you and your family. sending thoughts and prayers your way.

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