Back in America: Food Trends

Culture shock has actually been pretty minimal for Zachary and I. This is super surprising considering we've been living abroad for near 5 years and haven't set foot on American soil in 3!
There are however TONS of things I have noticed since being back in the Land of the Free. Here's a few things I've noticed when it comes to trends, especially food trends; 

This stuff is everywhere. I had no idea what it was nor had I ever tasted it before we landed in Los Angeles. But suddenly, with store shelves filled with it, fun local kombucha vendors & the drink popping up on my Instagram, that I can now freely acess sans China fire-wall, I was iterested in trying it. And I liked it! I get it. It's good. Zachary's in love. He's often planning ways to make his own.

This is a trend I am so glad is happening, because, yuuuuuum. Before we went overseas, of course, I knew what hummus was. I had enjoyed it many times. While overseas, we made it a few times & enjoyed it at many restaurants. Before we left, there was not however, sections at the grocery store dedicated to it. There are now, and I like that, a lot. I'm obsessed.

Almond Milk 
Again, almond milk existed before we left, but now it's everywhere. Most coffee shops offer it and there are several different brands and flavors at the stores. I like it. It's cheap & delicious & doesn't make my stomach feel terrible.
Greek Yogurt
When we left Greek Yogurt existed in the form of Oikos at a million dollars per pint, at least in Texas. I would wish to buy it because it was healthier and full of protein and because all the diets I'd attempt always included it but it was expensive. Now, it comes in several different brands & flavors. In some grocery stores I've had to search to find the regular yogurt over the Greek. I like this trend. Cheaper healthy food is a good trend! 

Coconut Oil

This started really trending when we were in China the first year. I got some and felt like I won the lottery. I love coconut oil and so, so happy that because of the trending, I discovered it.
There's tons of other things I've noticed but we'll just start with those few food trends. They're all awesome. I love it. I love the move (that's been happening) back to real food & that because of the demand prices are becoming more reasonable for real food. It's awesome all around. And I hope it's not just a trend but that our grocery stores will continue being filled with more wholesome goodness.

But, a word of caution! As always, READ INGREDIENT LISTS! Sometimes when large, world sucking brands that won't be named say, "100% Real Greek Yogurt" or "All Natural" they actually mean that it's mostly real yogurt but has a lot of other junk added to it. The same goes for all of the above. 

Any food trends you've noticed lately? 

Also, Cupcakeries & Yogurt Shops; still very delicious & found often, but without all the hooplah they had a few years ago.
And, Moscow mules have taken over the happy hour world. 

Also, tacos will never go out of style. That is all.
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April Robert said...

Gluten free products got big! When we left IL there were no gluten free products in the grocery store in the neighboring city and when we returned there was an aisle dedicated to it. =)

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