Harley Girl's Birthday Weekend

My sister Harley turned 21 in March. 21. Crazy. It's weird when your younger siblings start turning into legit, full out adults, right? Thankfully we still have little Sophie-sister, who's 3, to keep us all thinking we're still young. So! The weekend after Harley's birthday, she came into town to the parents house, and we all went out to dinner at Chuy's. Waiters and waitresses sang, she got to flash her new ID, and there was free ice cream with chocolate syrup. It's fun they still do that. Though she's 21 and had a baby next to her. YOLO. ;) DSC03177
In Heather style, Harley and I spent Saturday down town, drinking way too much coffee and consuming too many calories. It was awesome. I loooooove my sister! DSC03181This cuteness of a baby is my nephew. Nephew!! I'm an aunt! His name is Sebastian. He's the happiest. I love it. DSC03182DSC03184Sebastian really digged Houndstooth coffee where mommy got a latte and auntie got a cold brew. Fancy. DSC03202DSC03176Because we had only drank one cup of coffee and I knew Zachary would probably want me to spend more money ;), we headed to my favvvorite place, Beware Coffee. DSC03186That's Beware Coffee. It's cute & serves the one of the best lattes on the planet. IMO. If your an Austinite or wannabe, like me (I'm from Cedar Park...lame. If only you'd bought a house 10 miles further parents!-actually, whatever. I'm a Greater Austinite. Which is really better, because it means I pay (or my parents do) less taxes. So. Ya. ), it's in the Spiderhouse back parking lot. DSC03187Next door to Beware is Maggie's Waffles food truck. They serve delicious waffles. Obv. DSC03193We split the SXSW special (SXSW was that weekend) Oreo, Coconut whip cream filled waffle. Yomyom.DSC03192Also, should you be in this area, like we were, you can take photos of spackled (a word? yes?)  chairs & pavement. You can also view all the local wall art. It often changes & is always colorful. Usually I like to stand against walls like this and take selfies & cool photo back drop pictures but for some reason I just wasn't feeling the skull & pig demon back drop for my cute selfie. ;)DSC03189DSC03194There's the birthday cuteness enjoying the waffle. DSC03198We're super cool and hard core. DSC03175Oh there's a photo of Harley's Chuy's birthday festivities. It was a great weekend! Happy Birthday SisterLove!
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Diana L said...

Looks like you guys had a good time, & that waffle looks delicious

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