Mornings in Loboc

If I could somehow recreate and multiply mornings, these would be the mornings I'd multiply. Mornings in Loboc. It's no secret by now just how in love we were with Loboc & our time at the Loboc River Resort. I'm dreaming of years to come (well at least the next 3) of a week of mornings there as a spiritual retreat. It was just so idyllic. The perfect place & time to reflect & reconnect with the Lord.
Our mornings in Loboc started a little later then usual, even Zachary slept in a bit. We'd wake up & step out onto our balcony to see how far the river overflowed each morning. We'd give a good morning to our friend, Boo. We'd then make our way, past the flowers, the shimmering pond & pool, to the dining area.
We'd always choose a table next to the water, because duh.
Also, I'd always get lattes. And because we were in Loboc, I'd get a regular latte. And what do you know, Reader, lattes made with real milk, not non fat, are quite delicious. I didn't even add Splenda. ;)
Each morning we'd get a simple American breakfast. Toast, with butter & jam, eggs & bacon. Fruit & coffee for me, tea for him, on the side. Aren't these type of breakfasts just delicious? Why do we never make these at home? 
We'd also always get a little something extra from the chef. This day we had grilled sweet potato with chocolate sauce.
This day he treated us with candied bananas.
Some days we'd get mango.
Some days we'd drink entire coconuts.
And some days we'd get mango and banana and the chef would give us a little pineapple, too. Because he's nice like that. And it's our mornings in Loboc, where everything is wonderful.
After breakfast we'd make our way to the lounge chairs by the river or the ones by the pool. We'd listen to worship music, pray, journal, read books or the bible. Talk. Dream. Enjoy.
After a few hours, we always found ourselves drinking on of these chocolate, banana shakes, too.
If I could recreate mornings, I'd recreate them here, in Loboc, with my husband & our Lord. I'd do the breakfast thing, the relaxing thing, the praying thing, the chocolate banana shake thing, the take a run & work off my breakfast thing & then I'd get ready for a lunch, next to the river, with all our friends & family. We'd laugh, and dream. We'd kayak. We'd eat. We'd play. It would be like heaven on Earth. It'd be amazing. Isn't the Lord so sweet to give us these moments?
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V. Nino said...

Any chance you follow The Random Writings of Rachel?

She and her husband are Americans living/teaching in China. Tons of fun too! :)

Carolyn Mack said...

Beautiful photos! Makes me want to go there for sure :) www.clmowl.blogspot.com

Ashleigh said...

I love all the photos! I think I could handle those mornings & days like the above every single day... I so could see myself living there as well as eating & drinking all those goodies :)

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