Grand Highschool Halloween Dance

This Halloween we attended our school's first dance! In September Zachary and I had the idea, presented it to the school, got permission & handed it over to Grade 12. This dance was their first student led event! The students did everything. We are so proud of them. We were a little worried at first, since they have not grown up putting events together & being on committees, like we were able to do in the States in Middle school and High school. We didn't know if they would know what to do or what a Halloween dance should even look like, since this is not common in China. We soon saw that our worries were silly. These grade 12 girls are awesome! They had quickly appointed leaders, in charge of each aspect of the dance and had great ideas.
We went as pirates!
Oh you know, just a pirate hailing a taxi.
We were running a little late to the dance and our friend Valerio was waiting for us.
Valerio dressed as a mad scientist. He dressed in a lab coat & Zachary's Mad Hatter hat. 
Part of the nights entertainment was Zachary, Stan and Valerio performing for the students. Zachary, Stan & Valerio get together every Friday night to make new music & practice for worship on Sundays. They were super excited to have their first 'gig' together. Valerio was waiting for us at the school & texted, "Please hurry & rescue me. It's beginning to get uncomfortable & awkward." Ha! I'm sure as a grown man, by yourself, at a high school Halloween dance would be uncomfortable! Poor guy! We hurried to get there.
Upon arriving we realized that this dance was more like a night club! It was veeery fun for the students! They never have events like this, so for them this was awesome!
There were tons of creative costumes & lots of the basics like witches & ghosts. There was one guy dressed in an all out gorilla costume. One girl had 'bloody' pads stuck all over  her witches cape. Sick! One girl even dressed as a hooker. As in, you asked her, "What's your costume?" And she'd answer, "A hooker." Ha! I mean, I guess she's honest?? Haha. Oh man. It's terrible. But anyways...
So this chick and her 'guy friend' (they're not allowed to have boyfriends) were walking around carrying Breezers. Breezers are alcoholic drinks like Smirnoffs. I freaked out when I saw it and told the boy, "You're not allowed to have these!" I think he misunderstood me and started saying, "Oh, do you want one?" "No, you're not allowed to have this!" "But I mean, do you want one?" I said heck no, took them and was blown away that they had them so openly at a school event! I went and asked the Grade 12 girls & a Chinese teacher and they told me they WERE allowed to have them! So, I had to go hunt them down and give them back their drinks I had confiscated. I tried to explain myself, and this girl above responded to me like I was an idiot. So I ran away, like Napoleon Dynamite running off the stage, in my awkwardness to the other adults.
Man, these high schoolers intimidate me! I feel super awkward & so uncool. I don't know how Zachary teaches them every day! He feels super comfortable & sees them as kids. 
I could not stop looking at this girl all night. Her head wound just looked so gruesomely real!
Ya'll it was a party, there easy even dance trains.
Oh, just a sexy pirate. You know.
The guys performed a few songs. They had planned a 30 minute set but the school didn't have any working microphones, so they were really drowned out. It was disappointing for them but they are already working on playing some gigs around Qingdao! Oh, and also, Zachary did a rap! It was pretty good, I'm not gonna lie.
This guy got really creative with his costume. ;)
When The Esser's arrived the phones and cameras came out fast! I mean look that them!
Their costumes were amazing and check out that cuteness Catherine is holding.
He stole the show!
This is what life in China for expat children looks like!
Elijah is just the cutest and draws people to him. At dinner later that night one grown man even stopped and oogled over how precious he was & asked to take a picture. I can't wait to see him when he grows up. I know the Lord is going to use his life in mighty ways.
I couldn't resist kissing that cute face.
Don't you love these costumes!? They're super easy, too! Cheap & DIY!
Zachary and Sally! Sally was the head Grade 12 girl in charge of the event. I like her, alot. She's super humble, approachable & so smart.
We had a great Halloween at Grand's first dance! Congratulations girls! We are so proud of you! You did a great job!
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I am so thankful for the opportunity to teach my students. They are so great.

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