Pumpkin Carving

Our Halloween celebrations were endless this year! We had a High School Halloween dance to attend, Halloween parties in every class at school & lots of Halloween fun at home with our evening students. For Halloween, we had a 'market day' where our students used their 'money' they've earned in class the past few months, to buy some goodies!
The kids alos dressed in their Halloween best.
In China, there is usually a large bin at most grocery stores that will always & only have colorful masks, shiny capes & witch hats, as you can see above. Coco was, of course, the most popular of the party with her Elsa, Frozen costume!
Once everyone choose their pumpkins (we had 26 to choose from!) we started carving. Last year we carved some awesome pumpkins with our students but this year we had 21 students' pumpkins to carve among our evening classes, so we went with the plain and simple triangle faces. 
I accidentally cut this guys nose off, so I had to put him back together with a toothpick!

The kids had a great time & I'm not gonna lie, even though I cut 10+ pumpkins, it was still fun. Carving pumpkins will never get old, I think! I can't wait to have our own kids one day to carve them with!
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Zachary said...

The kids loved it. Your so creative and thoughtful. I love you baby.

Some Lucky Dog said...

The kids are so adorable and it looks like they had a lot of fun. It's so ironic that you are there in China having Halloween with the kids and here at home we no longer can do anything for Halloween in school because someone might be "offended". Makes me sad :(

Alex Messina @ Ali Rose said...

They're all so cute!! & I love your glasses.

Ps. I nominated you for a blogger award!

Diana DeGzz said...

looks like so much fun!

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