Please allow me to introduce you to...

Boo, the Loboc River Resort carabao. Boo, is the name I just gave him, he is a carabao, pronounced like caribou, the reindeer. So naturally, his name is Boo. Carabao is a common water buffalo in Bohol.
This Boo, was awesome, and we had great views of him right outside of our room window at LRR. As you can see he has a very hard life as a water buffalo wading through the water eating lush green plants all day.
He has scratchy skin, like an elephant. I like him because he's cool, ya'll. He's like a prehistoric cow or something. Or maybe just a water buffalo, but I didn't grow up around those, so Boo is very exotic friends.
That is all, Reader. I just thought you should see how awesome Boo is.
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