Classroom Mummies

For one of our fun Halloween activties we made mummies in class! I had each table group (there are 5 table groups in each class, and 6 classes) choose one person to be their "mummy." After they choose a student, I gave them 2 rolls of toilet paper & 5 to 10 minutes to make the best mummy they could out of their selected student. When their time was up, I called all the mummies to the front of the classroom and had each one walk forward & turn around. I then choose the best mummy per class. Winning mummies earned 50 points for their table group! I spent about $20 on toilet paper, but it was worth it!As you'd suspect, the kids had a blast! I loved seeing the kids work together. This was one of the only activities I've ever done where every kid was invloved. Usually there's always the few that run around playing, daze off, or just have very little interest in the task, but every student was involved in this mummy making fun! 
I thought it was hilarious they picked Steven to be their mummy! He's the biggest kid in Grade 4. I didn't want to say anything but the whole time I kept thinking they'd need more than their two rolls of toilet paper to cover him! But they ended up stretching it out & doing a great job. 
Grade 4, Class 1 Mummies!  Haha, as you can see only half of Steven's body was covered but he still looked like a mummy! Check out the girl on the far right. Her team really did a terrible job. She had bits of toilet paper around her arms & what looked like a toilet paper scarf & head band.
 Jessie gave Emily a beautiful mummy braid! :) Cute!
 I just loved Toby's little ear sticking out!
Grade 4, Class 1 mummies!
Grade 6 Mummies. 
 Ben looked more like a burn victim then a mummy at first. Students kept making jokes & shouting across the room, "Ben! Are you okay?!" This group, of all my classes, was the only group who kept the toilet paper spread out to cover his entire body. Smart kids!
 Grade 3 mummies! Grade 3 had no idea what to do with the mummy making, it seems. They ended up mostly just draping toilet paper over their mummies, instead of wrapping them. Too funny. It's so cool to see how each group & class think differently.
 As you can see in the back ground, some got crazy with their wrappings!
This was such an awesome activity that the kids LOVED. It made Halloween feel much more festive than usual! If you're still reading, thank you for bearing with me as I post picture after picture of Chinese students dressed as mummies! I'm sure they all look the same! To me, it was hard to cut pictures! I had 30 mummies made by 30 different groups, each filled with different students that I just love! You know? Anyways, if you're a teacher, try out this mummy activity next year! Don't forget to bring trash bags, too! Things get messy! Better yet, use the tissue for a craft! Use the left over toilet paper to stuff trash bag ghosts, pumpkins or spiders!
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Zachary said...

You're so creative baby. My favorite picture is the eighth one down( with the tongue). Love you.

The Rachael Way said...

So adorable!! Love it! :) Isn't it cute how they always do peace signs? lol

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