I Celebrate You

A few months ago I wrote out a list of all the amazing things I could remember about you. I should have shared that list with you. I was planning on it. Maybe I would have even given it to you when we came home. But I didn't. Don't worry. I'm sharing it now. I want everyone to know all the amazing qualities, talents & gifts you had. Those who knew you, I'm sure will say 'amen!' to the things I say. 
Since you've passed, I'm learning so much more. So many gifts, so many stories of the lives you've touched. Stories that make me so proud to call you my dad. It's like I'm getting to know you even more. I know it's going to continue. In ways, I'm actually excited for the viewing, because I can't wait to hear stories about you.  Stories I will treasure in my heart. Tell me people! Tell me what he meant to you! Tell me the dumb stuff, too! Tell me everything! I can't wait to know you more. To praise God for you more and have more stories to rejoice over. 
I celebrate you. I celebrate your life. 
So, here's my list Daddy. Here's a few of the things that  I love about you.
The way your t-shirts smell.  I can remember wearing them as a little girl to sleep. They made me feel safe & cozy. They were the smell of my daddy. 

You are strong, manly & clever.

You are an amazing cook.

You love to share your skills, teaching us & others how to do things.

I love that you made saw dust & paint, the smells of comfort & home to me.

I love that you never let us see you smoke when we were growing up. For some reason, you wanted to protect us from that, and I kind of like that. 

You are so outgoing, active and fun.

You are such a hard worker. 

You are always making something better or creating something new.

You are one of those people that's just good at everything you try. 

You are good with your hands. It seems that you could make anything.

Your constant tan.

Your hair that turns white in the summer.

Your hands. They are strong. 

You always provided & worked so hard growing up.
You are so dang creative. 

You decorated our house outside every Christmas.

You taught us to like big trucks and appreciate good food.

You taught us to hunt.

You're more Texan than I am, though you're a transplant.

You make friends everywhere you go.

You're the kind of guy who's name is known at random places, like the car dealership or the pet store, because some how you're close friends with the owners, just because you're so friendly. 
I love that you help others. 
You are always available to help. You will always come to the rescue.

You're ridiculously clever. 

You try to suck the marrow out of life.

That you told me I looked beautiful on my wedding day, right before we walked down the aisle. 
You are funny & crazy & adventurous.

That you always, always say I love you. 

You were the kind of dad who..
brought home animals, which made things pretty exciting around our house. 
always taught us things.
encouraged Justin's love of reptiles & amphibians by filling our house with them.
won contests for us. (Justin's Pine Wood Derby! Best Decorated House!)
told us we should be outside playing.
was super fun.
loved to wrestle. I can probably thank you for my wrestling skills.
loves to play. 
insisted on dinners at a table.
made us huge forts.
built us swing sets or cages for our rabbits.
built us castles for beds.
bought us chicks, just because. 
let us play in the rain & mud.
always said 'I love you.' 
pushed us on our bicyles.
let us hang out in the garage while you worked.
set up trampolines for us Christmas Eve. 
would go on roller coasters with us.
 will catch ducks for us at ponds & parks. 
supports us, no matter what. 
I love you so much.

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chalayn said...

This is beautiful and sweet - it reminds me of my husband. I'll bet your father knew you felt a good portion of these kind thoughts about him, even though you are just sharing the list. :)

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