Here Comes Santa Claus

This week our school had our annual Christmas celebration! The past two years Zachary has had the great honor of suiting up in a very real and convincing ;) Santa Claus suit & beard to greet all the little children. To see last year check here and the year before here!  As with every year, we decorated the corridor with Christmas cheer. Last week, in preparation for the school's Christmas fun, I had each class make a Christmas decoration that we hung on the walls and windows.
To find all of these cute Christmas craft ideas, I took to, of course, Pinterest. We made paper plate Rudolphs with hand print antlers, paper plate angels, white paper chain snow men, paper mosaic ornaments & paper Christmas trees with painted snow. The kids loved making their crafts!
The Grade 1 students also worked together to make Reindeers. So cute!
The school also provided some of their own decorations, like these silly balloons, that reminded me of The Grinch!
Meanwhile, while the corridor was prepared & the students were filing in, Zachary was morphing into Santa Claus in a nearby office.
Too many cookies Santa!
After all the kids filed into the corridor and had a seat on their books (haha, I don't blame them, you don't really want to sit on the ground in China!) each grade performed Christmas & other children songs for the school.
Their gift from the school this year was all these Christmas hats! It was too cute to see a sea of red Christmas hats.
As tradition, I dressed as Rudolph. The Grade 1 students were precious and kept calling me Reindeer.
While the kids performed Santa hid out, waiting for his big intro, playing on his phone & making belly videos with his bowl full of jelly.
He also guarded our gifts from the school this year! Nice, big Starbucks bags filled with coffee & a new mug! The school did great this year!
Our two little hosts for the party, Smith and Claire.
After watching all of the Primary School performances, one of the High school classes came and did a few Christmas songs, then introduced Santa. 
Wait for it.....
And there he is! Santa Claus!!
Santa led the kids in a few songs & passed out boxes of sweets to each class.
After we bid farewell to the Primary school kids, we headed over to the High school. Catherine, my coworker, & I followed Santa there.
We were delighted to see that the Highschoolers had decorated the trees, in the middle of the courtyard, for Christmas.
The business club was also selling cute little goodies.

Kathryn and I- Grand School's primary school teachers. Whoop! Whoop!
The did great decorating the tree with lights & ornaments. They even put teddy bears and gifts under the tree but I must say this 'decoration' was quite creepy!
Santa took to the camera quite naturally, I must say.
After our visit with the highschoolers we headed back to the Primary school for Santa to change back into Zachary. On the way we passed one of the Grade 1 classrooms. The kids saw Zachary and started chasing him down the corridor! Too cute.
Our Christmas celebration at school was a little cheesy, but it sure made me feel more in the Christmas spirit. After, everyone at school kept saying "Merry Christmas!" to everyone as they walked by, which made me feel quite cheerful! All but one girl who kept getting mixed up and saying "Happy Birthday!" Hehe. Too cute.
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