Zachary's 25 th Birthday

I turned 25 this year. I can't believe it! Time flies so quickly. I had a great time celebrating with my friend Justin, whose birthday was the day before. I am so thankful for my wife showering me with a new camera bag and delicious food. We had amazing fajitas, queso, salsa and some amazing cakes. 
I am so thankful for everyonesvthoughts and prayers. It was a great day. 
These candles opened like a flower and sang the birthday song. AWESOME!!!
Some amazing desserts that Heather picked up. Yummy!
Amazing Fajitas!!
My students wishing me a Happy Birthday!
A Heather's student's family took us out to celebrate.
They were giving us a ride to an Italian restaurant we heard about and asked us if we wanted a party. Well, we thought we were going to a party. But really they made a party for me by inviting all of their friends. :)
Our Birthday wishes to Justin.

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