Seafood- Qingdao

Qingdao is famous for it's delicious seafood, so of course, we had to try some!

We found a popular Seafood Street and choose the busiest restaurant. (That means it's good, right? :)  )

The restaurant had a huge section of tanks filled with live sea creatures. To choose our dishes, we pointed to the sea creatures of choice. :)

With the help of some new friends we met at the restaurant, we selected a delicious meal.

This is our new found favorite, gala, spicy stir fried clams. Amazing and well known in Qingdao!

A seafood classic, crab. Crab is good no matter where you get it and here was no exception. Though this guy did lack the quantity of meat us Texans prefer. :)Isn't he cute? Look at those eyes.

We had to try something really exotic, so we choose starfish! Surprisingly it's not terrible. :) You crack it open and eat the meat on the inside of the legs and body. It looked a little like brain to me and tasted like it, too. Now I have never actually tasted brain, but I think this is what it would taste like. A little flavorless but not disgusting.The brought a soy and vinegar sauce to dip the meat in, which added flavor.

Of course some local, Qingdao beer, to wash it all down and dumplings to fill us up.

Since living in coastal cities, we have really come to enjoy and appreciate seafood! It's healthy and delicious! :) 

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