Tsingdao Brewery

Tsingdao beer is one of the most famous beers in all of China, especially in Shandong Province, where we live. The bewery is one of the main attractions in Qingdao. 
We enjoyed our time there. For 50 yuan a person, we enjoyed an interesting walk through a museum of beer history in China. 
The museum not only includes the old factory but also shows you how beer is made. 
The tour led us through a traditional brewing workshop, brewing lab, through the raw materials, yeast, fermentation, the storage cellar, mini bar ( where we got to taste raw beer), a drunken house (where you can feel drunken by the shift of gravity), the mondern packaging plant, and the modern filtration plant.  At the end they gave us free beer and peanuts! We highly recommend the Qingdao Beer Museum. 

I loved all these old beer signs. 

Bottle Cap wall.

Raw beer and nuts. 

The old bottle washer. 

Oh great. Drinking one beer is equivalent to 4 eggs, one pound of milk or 300 g of pork. Healthy! Not!

Modern plant.


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