Urgent Update!!!---My bike was stolen!!!

Just a short moment ago someone stole my bike. It was a faithful bike with its bent pedals and twisted handle bars. It didn't always drive straight, but still it was faithful. Its a sad day:( Lets just say that a quick trip to the store for some butter turned out to be not so quick.

On the bright side I get to go buy a new bike tomorrow!

PS. the story even gets funnier when yesterday my bike was borrowed from the school to go pickup lunch. No one told the owner...me..so I reported it stolen. The security guard told me to wait here. SO... we waited and soon saw a man riding my bike. SO it has been two days in a row that I thought my bike was stolen. And today it really was!

Blessings man who stole my bike. May God bless you and your travels.

***just for those who might be thinking in their mind..Zach didn't lock it....Yes I did.

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