Some Helpful Wisdom on how to Stay Green

"Mom, we should use phosphate-free detergent."

"Mom, would you like to change the washbasin a new model of water-saving tap?"

"Please cherish and protect environment by planting more trees."

"Consume all oxygen."

"How hot it is!" "It is no good." "What kind of disease it is?"

"Man, how irritating the black fume exhausted from these cars is!"

"Black fume is discharged arbitrarily. I'll report it to authorities."

"We should serve multiple purposes with the same quantity of water."

"Is this water supply company? Here is a water pipe broken."

"Don't pour trash on the bank of the river. it's illegal."

"What JiaJia's classmate said is right, we should economize paper."

"Refrigerator and air conditioner used in our family are freon free and environment friendly. "

"After changing it, the energy saving light is brighter and energy saving."

"You see, I have finished the food completely!"

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