My Former Halloween Costumes

The earliest memory I have in costume was rummaging through my grandma's jewelry drawers looking for more bangles or necklaces to layer on my dripping wrists and neck. I was a freakin' gypsy. At the time, it felt pretty lame. It was one of those years we made a make shift home-made costume. Looking back, I think that was actually a pretty cool costume. I had a long maxi skirt, lots of jewelry, teased hair and a big chunky belt over my top. It was awesome. And it was in all those autumn colors I love and appreciate now. 
I have no memory of it but I have seen pictures of myself as a little cute bat girl as a baby. I wore a hand sewn, adorable like black and purple bat girl, as in Batman, outfit. 
I did beauty pageants growing up and one year we had to fly to a pageant on Halloween. That didn't stop me! I dressed in a huge Mr. Peanut costume and my friend wore an M&M outfit. We walked up and down the aisles passing out candy. I remember looking out the airplane window and seeing that all the neighborhoods were lit up more than usual. I imagined all of the trick-or-treaters down below going door to door. Weirdly, it was one of my better Halloweens. There was something really fun about being a kid but being the one to pass out the candy.
5th grade, I was really into the tough girl thing and went as a scary alien. I had a black cloak and a $50 alien mask from Lucy in Disguise. It was legit and smelled like rubber and had huge, shiny orb eyes. 

Sixth grade I was Disco Barbie. My costume revolved around some $90 boots I convinced my mom to buy me from Hot Topic. They were knee high, platform boots in a shimmery silver fabrication. They were fabulous. I still think they are. I have no idea where they are today but I know it took years, like last year, for me to finally let go of them. Sixth grade was the year I started noticing that sexy was good and that I wanted to be sexy. So in true Mean Girls fashion, I sleeved up my Disco Barbie outfit the best a six grader could. I wore a little silver dress, panty hose and my knee highs.
In high school, I tried the "sexy" girl route again and still have the photos. I cringe when I see them. I wore a "sexy cat" costume and made a ridiculous cat clawing pose for every picture. It was terrible and not at all sexy. 
Zachary and I went as Cat in the Hat in Korea, which might have been one of our better costumes. I put wire in my hair to have crazy, horizontal braids. It was a combo Mrs. Who and Cat in the Hat look. We were teaching in Korea so it was a big hit! 

We started hosting an annual Murder Mystery Party 4 years ago which made me step up my costume game. Our first year, we had a Harry Potter party, so I went as McGonagall with a huge, awesome hat and cloak. 
The next year we had an Alice and Wonderland party so I was the Queen of Hearts with an amazing heart wig and costume, that I love! That year, we also bought Pirate Costumes for a School Event. It was a good year for costumes.
Last year, we had a Vampire Murder Mystery Party and went as a family of Minions. 

This year, we have no idea what we will be yet! It seems like a low-key year but with a life full of memorable costumes, low-key is okay for some years. But we'll see!

What about you? What have been your most memorable Halloween Costumes? Comment Below!

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