A Family of Minions

My mom & I saw some Minion googles at the store, mentioned it to Sophie & that was that. Sophie abandoned her plans of being a rainbow unicorn & insisted on us being a family of Minions, which  I think, was a fantastic idea! We were like a circus show all day. People kept saying, "Wow! A family of Minions!!!!" One boy even said to Jeff, "Hi Minion!" like he thought we were for real. It was great! I'm kind of in love with the idea of family costumes now. People were really excited to see us but their faces always changed once they got to me. I think they didn't really know what to do with the bloody Minion. ;) I sort of hated the way my costume fit & wanted to jazz it up a bit. I thought I'd make some amazingly cute & creative boho Minion outfit with a pair of kitchen scissors & a stapler but things didn't work out as planned. Since I had a shredded costume it only seemed natural to transform into a Zombie Minion, which in the end turned out to be an awesome choice, way better then boho Minion. Lame. DSC_0570Our first Halloween stop was a trunk or treat hosted by a local church here in Georgetown. There were ten cars or so that were decorated & filled with candy for the kids. They also had pumpkin & face painting, hot dogs, popcorn, a costume contest, a petting zoo & hay rides. It was a pretty great Trunk or Treat event.   
Sophie tried her first hot dog! 
I imagine it's pretty fun having so many older siblings. I mean look at this girl fly! She doesn't have any complaints! The Trunk or Treat had a petting zoo. They had tons of bunnies, chickens, two super friendly & spunky goats & this big ole' bunny. Sophie loved holding the baby bunnies.
Even Chara got dressed up!
Obligatory family photo.
Jeff (my stepdad) does it big! I remember growing up always being amazed at the houses who gave full candy bars. We'd always go to the "rich" neighborhoods in search of them! Little did I know, Jeff has always done this! He was so excited setting them out.
Sophie girl being all cute & such.
After the Trunk or Treat fun we made our way across the neighborhood to a neighbors house for a fun Halloween party. They went all out! They're whole yard was decorated. They had tons of drinks, snacks & even a cotton candy machine for the kids. Once the sun started to set, all of the kids & parents from the party started on the Trick or Treat trek. This was amazing. I love trick or treating with them! It was so funny to see a herd of kids run up to each house (poor people!) & run back with their candy. All the kids were hilarious & it was so fun seeing them interact with each other. Sophie was the youngest of the bunch & was leading the pack the majority of the time. There's advantages to being the smallest & youngest! She'd push her way to the front of the door if she ever lagged behind. We had such a great Halloween. It's been so long since we've been in the States for an American holiday & this one didn't disappoint. :)

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