Meet Rosie

This adorable girl is Rosie! Rosie is Sophie's (my little sister) new puppy! We can't believe we get the pleasure of having another Golden in the family! She's precious and full-on in that annoying puppy stage! I remember those days oh-so-well from when Chara was a puppy. She's in to EVERYTHING and wants to play every second she's awake. But she's adorable and we're loving this new addition. Sophie is being a very good "mommy" as she calls herself and Rosie is so smart! She's already barking at the door to go out (50% of the time) and can sit and lay down. We LOVE her! Chara's still getting used to her. It's been her world and her pace the last 5 1/2 years so a little crazy puppy wanting to play ALL.THE.TIME, regardless of her very clear barks that she DOES.NOT. want to play, isn't exactly Charas favorite thing right now. But she's coming around and I know these two will be besties in no time. post signature

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