Grand Central Market // Los Angeles

While in Los Angeles, we had Chara so most of our activities revolved around the out doors and places that were dog friendly. "Dog Friendly" was a constant search in my Yelp! app. Luckily, L.A. has no shortage of dog friendly places to eat, sip or explore. One of those places was Grand Central Market off S. Broadway. 
Grand Central Market, open since 1917, is just what you would suspect it to be; a huge, open market with vendors and delicious food!
Taken from Eggslut.
What got me there was Eggslut. I say me, because Zachary really could care less where we ate each day. He was very sweet to allow me, my research, blog reading and Yelp! searching be our guide each day. Eggslut, filled with raving reviews on Yelp!, is a "chef driven, gourmet food concept" inspired by a "true love for eggs." It was amazing. Really good. You MUST go if in L.A.
Eggslut is  
I had also heard great things (via Yelp!) about G&B coffee. Everyone raved over their Sweet Latte. Since I set out to try every coffee shop possible and gain 10 lbs while in L.A. I knew I had to try one of these famous Sweet Lattes. Luckily, they have a walk up shop within Grand Central Market.  
It was sweet and creamy and delicious. I wasn't super happy when I saw the size of my cup, though! 8 oz for a $4 coffee isn't a possible everyday splurge but I guess, "When in L.A." right? Looking back through my pictures now I had no idea why I took this picture but thinking back to that day, just 2 days in to our life back in the U.S. after being gone for 5 years, I get it. I was in Los Angeles! Back in America! And look at that Los Angeles street! Haha. I have a whole Draft Post that's "Around L.A." of just random pictures around the city. There's nothing remarkable about any of the pictures except what they made me feel. Being gone for 5 years and not setting foot on American soil in a solid 3 years is alot. This first week back in the U.S. while in L.A. was special. Everything felt very special and nostalgic. Anyways, now you can enjoy a picture of the street.
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