Easy Homemade Caramel

This is another re-post from last year and the year before. (Ya'll, I don't care. I'm re-posting this baby year after year. Until everyone and their mom is talking about how easy it is to make caramel!) You know when you look back at your first blog posts and think, "What was I thinking?!" All the crazy picture sizes, weird spacing & spelling mistakes. Ya. Well, I had one of those with this post. The entire post was filled with "carmel". Carmel, like Mount Carmel or Carmel, the gorgeous golfing valley. Or Carmel, like Hormel, the Chili brand, but with a "c". It, carmel, was all over this post. In the title, on a picture, in the directions, just everywhere. Looking at the post now, it was the FIRST thing I noticed. "What the what!? Caramel is spelled wrong! What idiot wrote this post?! Oh wait. That was me." How could it be so obvious to me now, first glance, and yet, an entire post & Picmonkey picture was created with the wrong spelling? I'll never understand. Maybe I got confused with the whole "caramel" or "caramal" debate and thought, "Screw it. I'll just call it carmel." But anyways.. without further ado, I present to you the easiest, mind blowing caramel dip ever!

I was beyond surprised to learn this little secret of the perfect dipping caramel from my dear friend Kate.
This stuff is amazing! 
Amazeballs as some, circa 2013, would say!
No more unwrapping thousands of caramel squares and burning it in the microwave!
No more gooped up caramel, impossible to use for dipping!

a crockpot or pot
canned evaporated sweetened condensed milk
(that's all folks!)
Remove labels and lids from your cans.
Place in your crock pot or pot.
Boil for 2 hours.
Remove carefully.
Slowly pull the tab back to open.
Get excited as you see perfect creamy caramel!
Have a pre-party taste.

Suuppppppper easy, right?!

*Special Thanks to my friend Kate for doing/taking these pics & introducing me to this amazing secret of homemade caramel! You're awesome!*


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Helene said...

i have heard of this and didn't believe it!!

Jess said...

I am SO excited to make this so I can make caramel apples :) Thanks for sharing!

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