Gatti Land Family Fun

A few Sundays ago my family & extended family got together to celebrate a few birthdays & an anniversary among us. I love times like this. When everyone gets together & does "normal life" together. We had planned to go to The Outback but after complications with being able to make a reservation, we decided instead to go to Gatti Land for games & a pizza buffet. At first, I was a little disappointed, I mean, 3 words, Outback cheese fries, but in the end I think Gatti Land was a way better choice because of another 2 words, arcade games. :) Gatti Land is owned by Mr. Gatti's, the pizza company, but serves an all day, everyday buffet, hosts birthday parties & has a large arcade games area.

All the family doted over my mommy & how amazing & strong she's been through this cancer. Ugh. Cancer. Ya, I should probably blog about that soon but for now, Gatti Land. Our family has been so loving & supportive toward my mom. They've brought food & texted her lots of love.

The fam. Sorry for the fuzzies.

My cousin, Mikayla & my sister Sophie. They love playing together.

Pizza! Pizza! The buffet includes tons of pizza choices, different kinds of pasta, hot desserts & a salad bar, all for cheap, cheap, as are most pizza buffets.

After we finished our pizza & chatting, we headed to the game area, my favorite part!

Aunt Irene & little Sophie. :)

Gatti Land is Sophie's favorite place to go. She often requests to go there after school. She usually just eats, while watching a kids movie on the big screen in the movie room, then runs around & "plays" the games but without any tokens! Hehe. I wonder how long it will be until she realizes that she's not actually playing the games. It's a much cheaper day out for my parents now, though.

We tried to teach Sophie how to play air hockey, which was quite hilarious. She didn't quite get how to play. It was very cute watching her.

Zachary & I had a go at a giant Connect Four, too. We had a great time eating & playing with family. So thankful that they live so close. :)post signature

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Diana Elle said...

I have never been to Gatti Land, but there was a Mr. Gattis around the corner from our house growing up..

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