Forston Family Photos

The middle of June, right before my mom started her first round of chemo, we had a quick, impromptu family photo session with Zachary & I's camera. Zachary & my step dad, Jeff, had to work, but since all my mom's kids were in town, she was anxious to take some photos anyways. We didn't know if chemo would include her loosing her hair so it was important for her to take a few photos of all her kids together before. We dressed in our blue jeans & white, per momma's request, & headed out to a little park just down the street for our little homemade photo session. While the pictures aren't perfect we were so thankful to have some! Next photo session we're hoping to use Jade & Kyle Photography and make sure we are ALL there! :) While coming to the blog today you may not have thought you'd be viewing ten thousands of photos of my family, I'm happy you're here. If you're not really into seeing ten thousand photos of my family today, come back tomorrow for an AMAZING pumpkin bread recipe. Family, this post is for you! I know you have all been anxiously waiting all of these photos. I love you all. Also, you're all beautiful! Muah! xoxo

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