Fall Photo Scavenger Hunt #FallPhotoScavHunt

Hey friends! If you haven't noticed, I love lists! I also love lists that get me to get out and do something. I especially love lists that help me slow down & appreciate what's around me during one of the best seasons of the year, fall. :) I'm obviously pretty biased.

In the past, I've been discouraged when I join in on a photo challenge but then miss days or take a photo & forget to post it on the correct day. Everyone else will be posting pictures of bunnies & I'm still on a pictures of my feet. ;) I have always felt behind & ended up giving up.

I want to have fun doing this & I want you to have fun, too, without all the pressure. Therefore, there are no real rules, except to take all the photos on the list by November 30th. Which is 2 full months. We can do it!

How it works:
Take all the photos on the list by November 30th. You can get as creative or basic as you want! Post them on Instagram or your social media of choice with #FallPhotoScavHunt. (If you post on your blog, please leave me the link to each post. So I can see them!)

Each week I will pick my favorite photos & blog about them. :)
Come November 30th, I will choose someone who's posted the whole list & send them something special. :) That's it! Easy, peasy! 

*Tip: Open this post up on your phone, click the image & "Save Image" to your photo library on your phone, so you always have the list with you. Also, if you're feeling extra generous, ;) :) post this photo on your own social media! The more people we have & photos to look at, the more fun! :)

Happy photo taking friends!
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