The Blood Moon

September 27th, the night before Zachary's birthday, was the 4th total lunar eclipse in the past year & a half, as I'm sure you all know. While the world was supposed to be ending, we were celebrating Zachary's special birthday weekend in Dallas with Zachary's family. After a long day at the fair, we gathered outside to view the peak at 9 pm to be exact. We brought out all the supplies for s'mores & roasted them by candlelight while Zachary played around with the camera. Night shots are a new thing for him (and me, I have no idea what to do!) but he had fun practicing with his flash, the tripod & long exposures to get these shots. 

Did you get any pictures of the blood moon? Did you go outside to check it out? post signature

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Diana Elle said...

Pablo's birthday is also Sep. 28th! but we didn't get to see the moon (it was at 4 am here)

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