Ya'll, I've Been Rocking Instagram Lately

"Ohhh. Ahhh. A beautiful Instagram collage. So fancy.  I'm definitely going to follow that blog."
Ya'll I know I said all that stuff about Instagram last week, but sometimes I just rock it like all the pros do. I mean, check out the post above. I know there's no hand in there, but the feet make up for it. Catch that nice lighting? Cool/edgy decor? Check. Polished nails? Check. No people around destroying my view? Check. Let's continue.
 Oh look. Beautiful people? Check. Phone in the sunglass reflection? Check. Coordinating looking humans? Check. Nailed it.
Super trendy looking restaurant? Check. Palm trees involved? Check.
Amazing look food? Check. Even better & trendier, brunch? Check!
 But just wait. Right when you think, man she is nailing it, I throw in one of these, a super blurry photos. You know, just to make sure everyone still knows I'm human. But honestly you guys, the above photo is pretty much an indicator of the rest of my Instagram.
 Like the above, where I was advertising my post about our time at the Jimmy Kimmel Show. That's the photo I included. I mean. Really. Come on. Don't you just want to click on that link? Look how good Jimmy looks!
Oh! And then there was that one time, I just used the really nice photos that were preloaded on my Chinese phone. One of our friends in China said, "Weird. I think I have that same picture on my phone." Jerk. J/k Daniel. J/k. I didn't really think anything of it. I wasn't trying to pass them on my own, I was just trying to post beautiful pictures. But then, someone commented "Awesome photo!" And I thought, "shoot! I think she thinks that I took that. That's sort of deceptive." So I never used those photos again. Well, only a few more times. 
The "Awesome photo!" photo.
Also, remember how I said I never figured out that you could save a picture off your blog, on to your phone & then post it? Well, before I figured that out, this was my solution to advertising this post. I took a picture of my computer screen with my phone. But you know, the square box served some issues with the rectangle screen I have on my computer. Also, the box is kind of small, so that was the best I could do to fit it all in. Nice, right? It's amazing I don't have more followers.

And, with all that goodness, you know you'll really be getting good quality photos & pretty things to look at when you follow @TheMosbys13 on Instagram. Follow me ya'll!
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Sally Kessler said...

Your photos are so fancy, like the song.

Esther Davison said...

Following you now on instagram? Check! You can follow me at esthernorine. :) estherdavison@gmail.com

Tabitha Keese said...

I feel the same way with my IG photos... I'm like there's no way those blogging pros use their cells phones to take the photos; they must use their fancy-pants cameras then email them to themselves and save the image to their gallery then post from their phone. Hmm, I might have to try that :) Best of luck becoming a super famous IG-er. I'll be able to say, I've been a blog fan from way back BEFORE she was a millionaire IG post-er :)

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