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A warm-weather weekend indulgence: the park picnic! Be sun-ready & social in a romper with all the picnic fixins’.
Hey there, a few of you may know, but most of you may not know, that I am now a Stitch Fix stylist. Cue the fireworks, confetti & party horns. Working for Stitch Fix is by far one of my favorite jobs ever. It's just so incredibly fun. 
So, I thought I'd write a post on ways to maximize your Stitch Fix now that I know from the inside how the whole process works as a stylist. I won't give away all the secrets but I will share with you what we as stylists are longing to hear from you which is the ways we can style you better! 
Textures, colors and prints, oh my! Loving this pretty spring Fix @spoonfulflavor received.
>> Make requests. <<
Tell us what you want. Have you been eying a pair of white denim on Pinterest? Crazy about the chambray top you saw your favorite celebrity wearing in a magazine? Tell us! We work hard to make our clients happy & get them what they want. 
 >> Tell us about your events.<< 
Tell us what you have coming up in the next month & let us style you for your event. 
>> Let us complete your outfits.<<
Do you have a skirt that you really love but never know what can go with it? Tell us about it & let us pick something for you. 
>> Like A-line dresses? Empire waists? Fit & Flare?  <<
Tell us what kind of dress you like! We want to style you in what makes you feel best. 
>> Have no clue what looks good on you or what you like? Let us know. << 
Tell us & then be open & patient exploring that with us. Let's eliminate what you don't like & send more of style you love. Let's get better at your style & fit together each Fix. 
>> Leave Feedback. <<
Feedback is so incredibly helpful. Tell us what you loved or didn't love about the piece. Tell us what you would change. Tell us what you would keep. Feedback helps us refine your tastes. 
>> Make a style board on Pinterest. <<
Make a board where you faithfully Pin styles & pieces you love. Even better, Pin from the Stitch Fix Pinterest every month so we can stay up to date with what you love at Stitch Fix. 
All photos are taken from the Stitch Fix Pinterest. 
To read more advice see the Stitch Fix blog & read the Stitch Fix 'How to Get Your Best Fix' page.
Are you signed up for Stitch Fix? If not, you can sign up here! I really think that every lady should try it at least once! It's just so fun!
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Esther Davison said...

Congratulations on the new job! estherdavison@gmail.com

Rachael Gilbert said...

Love! I've done it before but now that I have these tips would def give my stylist more to work with. So glad I got to meet you at Declare! :)

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