Celebrities & Their Instagrams

^^Lauren Conrad's ridiculously beautiful Instagram page^^

Unless you're Lauren Conrad or Martha Stewart, okay, Reese Witherspoon's is pretty good too, it seems that you don't care about making your Instagram all color coordinate-y & beautiful. 
Lauren Conrad's page. How, oh how, is it this beautiful, feminine & color coordinated?

 : Let's look at a few examples, shall we? :

Mariah Carey's Instagram. You'd think she was just a normal lady taking a picture with her kiddos before they go to school. There's not even a filter on this one. You would never know she's a multi platinum artist. (I have no idea what she actually is as far as records sold. Multi platinum just sounded good.)

Ricky Gevais. You would never EVER know from his Instagram that he was actually a successful writer, comedian & actor. In fact, you'd think he was a crazy person. Stars, they're just like us.

Selena Gomez. No filters. A little grainy. A person photo bombing. So relatable. She just looks like your average 16 year old. I know she's not 16 you guys but doesn't she look like it? She's precious but she forever looks like she's still on Wizards of Waverly Place.

Oh look, it's Kristin Cavallari's famous husband, Jay Cutler, the Chicago Bears quarterback & their kid. They're in the teacups. How cute! No filters & shadows. Totally normal. Again, stars, their just like us!

I must say that the Blog world/Fashion World/Retail World you guys rock the Instagram pretty- picture world. There's lots of worlds going on.

The Stitch Fix Instagram is always beautiful. Oh, hey, you should click here & sign up for StitchFix!

What are your takes on celebrities Instagrams? Who do you follow?
Also, get ready, because for some reason, I wrote 3, 3 posts having to do with Instagram today! Get excited. I know, you can't contain it. post signature

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