Daddy Mosby's Birthday Weekend

DSC02855This year we are so excited to be home for our close friends and families' birthdays! We were so happy to celebrate Zachary's fathers' 56th birthday this year! The last birthday we celebrated in person with him was his 51st! Geesh, that's way too long ago, right?! DSC02830Dallas had some snow this March (his birthday month) so we had a nice white birthday for him. :) I loved that. :) DSC02831For his birthday we got him a beginner bow & a target. Zachary was so excited to give it to him, he gave it to him the morning of his birthday instead of waiting until that night like everyone else did. haha. Like a little kid! DSC02834DSC02839
It made for a fun birthday day & gave them something to do together, though. The guys played over and over and over & got pretty good! Chara-girl and Abby (Zachary's childhood dog) loved being outside with the boys but we had to stop them from chasing the arrows!DSC02841DSC02842For his birthday dinner we went to Abuelo's in Arlington. It was delicious & a beautiful restaurant. DSC02843DSC02845DSC02846DSC02849DSC02850This was ammmmmazing. I want it right now.

Enchiladas De Cozumel: Delicate crepes filled with fresh guacamole, covered in a white wine sauce with seasoned shrimp, sea scallops, mushrooms, fresh spinach and roasted peppers.DSC02851DSC02852By the end of dinner the snow was melting. Noooo! DSC02854
We went back to the house to open presents & enjoy the delicious cake Brittany made.

DSC02856In the Mosby house birthdays are a big deal. They go all out, as you can see.
DSC02871DSC02872DSC02876No shirts, a cozy blanket, a watch, fishing gear, the present list goes on and on. DSC02881Besides for his bow & arrow, we also got him a Yeti cup. My brother and future sister in law rave about these things! They say they keep things hot or cold for 12 hours plus. DSC02882
We also got him a bomb. Basically. Well an exploding target. My brother works at the Academy where we bought Zachary's dad's gifts and he insisted that we buy him on of these. I'm not gonna lie, I want to be there when they shoot it!DSC02883DSC02860DSC02863After the candles were blown out, the cake was had & the presents were opened Zachary had a "surprise" planned for his daddy. DSC02858Egg Roulette! And Water War. He got both ideas from the Jimmy Fallon show.

To prepare for Egg Roulette you take a dozen eggs and boil 8 of them, leaving 4 raw. After they cool down you can play Egg Roulette. Basically, you take turns choosing an egg and cracking it over your head. It produces tons of hilarity. Lots of raw egg all over & lots of suspense. 

To prepare for water war you get a deck of cards, 8 cups of water & a bucket of water. You play war (the card game), the loser getting a cup of ice water thrown on them. Whoever uses up all their cups of waters first gets the bucket thrown on them. Again, lots of laughing & man squeels.

Both games were hilarious to watch. Overall I think Steve had a great birthday. We were so thankful to be there, too! Love you Dad! post signature

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