Walking with Sophie

DSC03089My sweet little sister Sophie is loving having us home. Which makes us feel pretty special! We love, love, love her! She's so sweet to her "Heatha" & "Brother Ack." Sophie stays with my grandparents Monday through Friday during the day while my mom & step dad work. One day we went to give them a break for a few hours by taking Sophie for a walk in their neighborhood. DSC03092
Chara went on the walk with us. Sophie LOVED riding Chara like a "Orsey." DSC03099
"Brother Justin" knows alot about plants & flowers so he taught Sophie all about the ones we saw on our walk. He let her taste the edible ones, smell the cedar, mint & rosemary & taught her which plants not to touch. DSC03104We made our way to a small park with a little hill where Zachary taught Sophie how to log roll down it. It was precious watching her run up and down the hill & timidly try to roll down it. DSC03105We love our sweet sister and are so thankful for her & these sweet moments, like going for a walk, we get with her. :) post signature

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Catherine said...

That's sweet :) she's so big now. Wow!!

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