5 Ways I've Changed Because of Zachary

This post idea is stolen from Taylor at The Daily Tay. I promise you, she has one of the best blogs I've ever read. She's HILARIOUS & sarcastic in the best of ways. She's real, which in my opinion, is one of the best traits a blogger could have. When choosing friends I want ones that are honest & real, so why would I want anything different from my favorite bloggers? Her posts never disappoint & she's heck-a gorgeous, which is just a bonus, I think, to how amazing of a woman she is. So, Read her friends. You won't be disappointed with her daily rants, stories & hilarity. Also, read her 9 Things I Do Because of Him post.

Also, what the heck, guys?! I have NO idea why my post font is so small! I've tried every possible thing to fix it. Any ideas?   
This was so fun to think through all those ways I've changed because of Z. I have of course grown in ways I can't even pin point because of marriage & my relationship with Zachary, but today I'll just highlight a few. 

1. Make the Bed. 
I would like to say that as an adult I would make my bed every day, and now, as the current Heather, I think I would, but Heather pre-Zachary, probably would have gone her whole life making very few beds. Now, I love it. I can't imagine not making the bed. It's just sooooo much nicer to walk in to your room after a day at work with a made bed. It feels good. It feels like you have a handle on adult life, you know? Thanks Z.

2. Own an Iron & an Umbrella.
Seriously. You'd think I was an ogre living in a tree with all the simple house hold, I'm an organized adult type things I used to never do/own. Rest assured Reader, I am no longer an ogre, and own an iron, that I know how to work!!!, and an umbrella. Score. 

3. Eat chocolate, cheese and bacon.
Okay, before you freak out, I had ate these three Man-staples before. I just ate them on a very seldom occasion. I didn't like bacon or cheese.  A friend scarred me when I was younger by rubbing into my face the fact that bacon was made from pig's butts while I was eating a bacon sandwich. The image of a butt in my sandwich really deterred me from eating bacon in the future. I associated all cheese with the flimsy, Kraft kind that gets stuck to the roof of your mouth when you eat it, and therefore could not stand cheese. It makes me cringe now thinking about white bread & sliced cheese stuck up there. Chocolate, obviously, always tasted good, but I was a stubborn girl, and refused to fall into the "I have to have chocolate on my period!" girl stereo type. So, I avoided it. Now, obviously, give me chocolate. These 3 above may also account for the fact that I gained so much weight when we got married. Womp woh.

4. Have a budget.
Money is not that big deal to me, as in, I just spend it. I don't really think about how much I have, until it's almost gone, then I find a way to make more, and repeat the process. I would live like a free, go with the flow, hippie-butterfly, that follows her feelings to whatever her heart desires in the moment of spending, if it wasn't for Zachary. Zachary has been a huge blessing to me in that area. He keeps us focused on goals, reality and being led by wisdom not feelings, in the area of finances. We're not perfect, but we'd be very worse off if it wasn't for him.

5. Sometimes organize my desktop.
If it was up to me my desktop would be decorated with thumbnail after thumbnail of randomness. With Zachary in my life, those thumbnails get organized way more often and I must admit, it does make it easier to find things when it's organized!

And there you have it. 5 very small, seemingly insignificant, but significant ways I've changed because of Z. Love you boo!

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Melinda said...

Fun reading your post, sweet girl! I made my/our bed every day for 50 years. One of the many things that went by the wayside with the flower farm! I MISS it terribly! It was refreshing and wonderful to spend time with you guys. Love you!!

Diana L said...

I'm with you on number four, I used to be the same but Pablo taught me his ways and it is way better!

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