Papa Ted's House

DSC03110We're at my Papa's this Memorial weekend. I love the red, white and blue of these pictures. This picture captures so much of what reminds me of my Papa's house. Red porch, blue accents & his blue rocking chair & nature, what made coming to Hemphill, away from the city, so exciting as kids. Also, we love seeing Papa. DSC03111DSC03112Sophie loves picking flowers of course. I love how little, girl precious she is in her Frozen dress. Frozen you guys, it's intense the love people have for that movie. There's almost entire aisles of Frozen party decorations at the grocery store. When is Frozen 2 coming out?! I heard it was the highest grossing animated film ever. Or something. DSC03113DSC03115DSC03154This is Papa throwing up the Chinese picture V. We still don't know for sure what the V stands for, if anything. Lots of people have asked us since coming home. I'm still posing with it most pictures. It's just awkward to take a picture without it. The other option is,  "I'm just gonna stand here & not know what to do with my arms.  I'm awkward.: So, I throw the V up. And I'm super cool. Victory? Peace? Zachary's thinks it means victory. I just don't know. It's probably just a hand sign with no meaning. DSC03156DSC03159DSC03161That's all folks. Just stopping in to say hello & post pictures of our time with Papa. Pray for him! He's having lots of trouble breathing. Love you guys! Happy Memorial day! AND happy birthday (tomorrow)  to my momma, my daddy & my future sister-in-law, Lauren! So many birthdays!! Yeee!post signature


Diana L said...

Lovely pictures! and to me, if your hand is fingers forward it's a peace sign.. I didn't know about the Victory one.

April Robert said...

It's nice seeing you spending time with your family!! Heather you do a fantastic job on documenting life! Your family will appreciate that skill.

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