Lake Hollywood Park

While we were in Los Angeles we were extremely fortunate to find an Air BnB house with an incredible location, right off Lake Hollywood Drive. Our house was in a neighborhood connected to the hill that the Hollywood sign is located on. Perffeeect location!
We were super excited to find out from our host that there is a dog park at the base of the Hollywood hill, too. We left our house, drove 2 minutes and parked at the Lake Hollywood Park so that Chara could have a fun filled afternoon.  
See all that pretty green? That's a dog park!
On one side of our parked car we had this sun-lit filled view of the Hollywood hills & on the other side, the Hollywood sign. Lovely.
I was actually surprised to see how green & lush parts of Los Angeles were. I always pictured huge buildings, smog and a congestion of people. While there are probably parts of the city that host that, the parts we spent the most time in were gorgeous and green.
Lake Hollywood Drive leading up to the park. :)
We quickly found a quiet spot to sit down at and people/dog watch.
Chara did lots of dog watching, too. She didn't really play with any of the other dogs at the park, just watched them. 
Lounging. She's got wide hips, like her mamma. ;)
Look at us. We're taking a selfie in front of the Hollywood sign. Oo la la.
This was an attempt at a family picture with Chara. All we could get in was the tip of her head.
After our time lounging we drove up the hill to try and get as close as possible.
We ended up turning around with hopes to come back another day and actually go up and stand behind the sign (I saw a picture of someone doing it, so I think it's possible) but we never did. No regrets though. We enjoyed our time at the quiet dog park. It was a great picture spot, nice location and not filled with tourists. If you're in L.A. skip the tourist-filled bits and spend some time relaxing at this park! :) If your in the mood for a work out or run, park your car further down and hike up the road. There are sidewalks, shady trees and beautiful views.
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April Robert said...

So glad you were able to visit the Hollywood sign

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