The Followers: The First 2 Gigs

Zachary loves music. Anyone who has known him long enough will know that and if you've ever been over to our house and stayed around long enough in an evening, you'll have heard him strumming his guitar during late night conversations. He loves singing & playing. He especially loves singing worship. The last few years Zachary has been playing worship every Sunday at our Church with Stan, the one with the amazing dreads. They have practiced many Friday nights, in preparation for Sundays worship. I have gone to bed many a Fridays', hearing Zachary and Stan getting super excited, as they've wrote new songs, found new beats or discovered the wonders of Garage band. It's exciting to be able to watch them! This past semester, they invited Valerio, the one on the drum, to start playing with them, too. This has added great dynamics to their time playing together! Not only has the music improved but so has the company, also, the opportunity. Valerio has been the driving force behind creating The Followers. He saw something in Zachary, Stan & his time together & knew we had to take it public! Add Katie on the drums and Scott on the piano, and you have, The Followers! Their band name, The Followers, is inspired by their role & passion as followers of Jesus. We (I say we all the time.. as if I'm a part of the band! ha! But I do hold a valuable spot, I'd say, wife of the singer & cookie maker for late night band practices! I joke and say that I'm their manager. Also, let it be known, that I have contributed with some amazing lyrics ;) and I'm always ready for some constructive criticism for the guys. ;)) Anyways, we have had the great opportunity to play at two local resturants in Qingdao. Their first night & first show was at Canvas, seen above.
 Their next show got a little better (they improve with each gig & each practice, it's amazing to see!) & a little more fancy! They played at La Cotina Italian Resturant, which is located in an old wine cellar.
The place was the perfect scene for live music, it was small, cozy and quaint. The food was amazing & the set list the guys choose for the night was perfect.
After the show we were paid in a 7 course meal. It started with salami, cheese and pizza, then salad, pasta, sword fish, and lots of dessert!
The chef is Italian and is known around the Qingdao Italian community as the best Italian chef in Qingdao! He doesn't speak English, only Italian, which I think adds to his authenticity ;). Had it not been for Valerio, who's Italian, we would never have known about this fantastic restaurant nor have had the opportunity to play here! Honestly, we'd never have been able to eat here! The menu starts at 300 rmb ($45) per person and goes up from there. Truthfully, it's worth it, though. The food is amazing. We were happy to accept this form of payment!
The guys (+ Katie) did an amazing job! So good they were asked to play again by both restaurants! This past Christmas Eve they played & are playing again New Year's Eve! They've even had people asking for their business card and had a write up online! It's so exciting for them & I am so proud of all their hard work! If you're in the Qingdao area come out to The Canvas New Year's Eve night to see The Followers!
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