6 Year Anniversary @ The Himilayas Hotel

 I have blogged several times about The Himalayas Hotel here in Qingdao. As I have said before, our friend Sonny, was the general manager at The Himalayas. Because of Sonny's sweet generosity, we have been able to enjoy the hotel at several events, dinners & jazz concerts. We have loved all our experiences at the hotel but had yet to stay there. For one, it's on the same street as our apartment. And for two, it's expensive. We could never swallow spending so much money to stay down the street. BUT that was before our 6th wedding anniversary came upon us! We didn't have anything planned and had yet to buy each other gifts, so we decided to message our friend, Lina, who's the event coordinator at the hotel and see if there were any specials going on. She quickly messaged me back, asked for our names & booked us a room, at a great discounted price, which included two breakfasts!
The Himalayas is a paperless hotel, so for check-in everything was done electronically. There's something about a check-in bar lined with Mac's that make everything seem more sophisticated & cool, right? Maybe it's just me. I felt the same way with our check-in on Virgin America, too. Anyone flown Virgin America yet? Love it.
While Zachary was checking in, I enjoyed the small touches of Christmas next to the simple, modern decorations & feel of the hotel lobby.
Once we got our keys, we headed up to the 11th floor with great anticipation! Since we didn't book the room, we didn't know exactly what we'd be getting.
 Let me tell you, I was beyond impressed when we walked in. We entered the room took off our shoes, and were welcomed with Adele singing through a Philips docking station in the corner. You guys, it felt like I was in a movie. You know the scene; the good music playing over head, the viewing of the beautiful room where you'll be staying for the night, while standing next to your hot husband of 6 years. Ya, buddy. I loved that docking station. And the room. And of course, Z.
 Of course, my true test of any hotel is, Is there a bathtub? And, is it a good one? Well, this was definitely a good one and it was sprinkled with rose petals! Love!
 The coolest part of our room was that it was a corner room, and 3/4 of it was windows. Since we came in at night, all the curtains were drawn. The windows continue going around the corner you see below, all the way to the back wall.
The other side the next morning.
 The hotel also set out beautiful flowers, wine, truffles & a little card for us! Such great hospitality!
 After we settled in, I got a chance to explore the IPod in the corner. The hotel had loaded the room service menu, a music library, TV channel guide and newspaper apps on the IPod.
Here's a few more views of the room the next morning. I couldn't quite capture how large & awesome the room was but here's a few shots.
 And here's the views our our many windows the next morning. The apartments directly behind that round building (the Sports Stadium) is our apartment complex.
 We spent the night reading, enjoying the bath, wine, truffles & our time together. We stayed up late watching Miracle on 34th Street and woke up the next morning to another bath and a delicious breakfast. We felt so very blessed and thankful for this celebration of our 6th wedding anniversary at The Himalayas Hotel.
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